New slot games and slot game symbols are being developed nearly every. But the idea behind slot game symbols is the same in terms of low and high paying symbols.

Standard Low Pay Slot Game Symbols:

In all slot games you find the standard slot game symbols shown in the picture. In fruit slots you are more likely to find the bell, the cherries, oranges and other fruits. In the more modern slots you will find the standard slot game symbols represented by an A, K, Q, J, 10, 9. standard low pay slot game symbols 

Standard High Pay Slot Game Symbols:

On the other hand you get also the Standard high pay slot game symbols which have a higher value and therefore produce higher winnings. Usually in classic fruit slots you would find these high pay symbols depicted by a bell, Bar Symbol, Seven, Diamond, Bell. But this has changed quite a bit in the more modern slot games. The slot games are now being created around various themes. Slot games can be themed around the beach, a party, about dogs, or even a movie. The modern slot games will have the high pay symbols and low pay symbols shown as well on the game’s paytable which you can click to view on the slot game.  

Standard Slot Game Wild Symbols:

Slot games now include other standard symbols such as Wild symbols which you can find in different forms or some slot games do not have them. The function of Wild symbols is simple, to assist you in forming winning combinations. The way a Wild symbol works is that once it lands on the reels, it can substitute for other symbols and therefore helping you to form winning combinations. Lets say you managed to land a symbol (K) on the first and a symbol (K) on the second reel. If a Wild symbol lands on reel 3, the wild symbol takes the place of a (K) and you are awarded with a 3 of a kind winning combination.

Other Types of Slot Game Wild Symbols:

The current slot games also include more types of Wild symbols with various other functions that can make your gaming experience even more thrilling. Such Wilds include Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Walking Wilds and multiplier Wilds. Stacked Wilds: When you land a stacked wild symbol on the reels, you will notice that it can cover even the entire reel and it would still substitute similarly for symbols assisting you to form winning combinations. Expanding Wilds: An expanding Wild functions similarly to the stacked wild symbol but a main difference is that it expands to cover the entire reel, if a winning combination is formed. It is quite a great effect for the games to have whilst playing. Walking Wilds: Shall you land a Walking Wilds on the reels then you are in for a treat. Once you land Walking Wilds on the reels, they start moving left or right up until the last reel. During their movement they provide ample chances to form winning combinations. So lets say a Walking Wild has landed on the fifth reel and it will move to the left. It will re-spin and move to the fourth reel and so on and along the way assist in forming winning combinations. Multiplier Wilds: You can also on some slot games land a Wild that will substitute for winning combinations to form a winning combination and in which the payout will be multiplier. Once the Wild has substituted to form a winning combination, it can multiply your winnings by 3, 5 or even 7 depending on the slot game.

Standard Slot Game Scatter Symbols:

Slot games now include Scatter symbols which have a dual functionality. For example, you can form a winning combination that will award you with a payout. But you can also form a winning combination which can award a free spins that you can play to be awarded even more. Usually games that include Scatters include a main game and a bonus game. This simply means that when you land enough scatter symbols and are awarded free spins, you then enter the bonus game to play the free spins. Some slot games will offer you the chance to land more Scatter symbols and trigger more free spins. standard slot game scatter symbols 

Standard Slot Game Bonus Symbols:

Other symbols that you get on the modern slot games are bonus symbols. It is usually a quite obvious symbol to notice on a slot game as it usually has “Bonus” written on it. Normally once you land three or more bonus symbols you trigger a different bonus game. Bonus games triggered by bonus symbols can be quite rewarding. It can be a bonus game which includes pick me up bonus or a bonus game which you have to complete a task as part of a stage. In the case of a pick me up bonus it can be that you are required to choose to open a casket to reveal a prize. Or it might be that a bonus game requiring you to spin the reels to complete a themed stage of the game.  


Developments on slot games have led to many new slot game symbols to appear. Usual slot game symbols depicted by fruits have seen the addition of slot game symbols that are themed around the modern slot games including Wilds, Scatters and Bonus symbols. With the new symbols added on slot games come also new game features such as substitutions, free spins and bonus games which can really make for an exciting game play. But knowing the symbols which is the purpose of this article is also important in helping you choose the right slot games. We hope that this article has helped you in this regard.