Try your luck on slots featuring a risk game or gamble feature as this will give you a chance to double your winnings if you are a risk taker.

When playing on slot games you will sometimes notice the game mentioning something on the lines of a risk game or gamble feature.

You might have heard the name under the different names such as risk game feature, gamble feature or at times you will see it appearing as a message saying take a risk after you have had some winnings.

Double your Winnings on a Risk Game:

Whilst you are spinning the reels and trying your luck towards great winnings the risk game will give you a 50% chance at doubling the winnings you have gained.

Let’s set an example to understand how it works. Say you just won 50EUR from a bet of 0.50EUR on your favourite slot game and you feel that you wish to double your winnings by taking a chance at the risk game.

If the game has a risk game or a gamble feature you can hit the button to risk your winnings for a chance to doubling them.

The most common type of a risk game is that you compete against a dealer. Four cards are dealt on the table from which you need to select one.

If you have selected a higher card that the dealer then you win the round and your winnings are doubled. But if the dealers card is higher than yours then you loose the winnings that you have taken the risk for.

Depending on the slot game there might be a cap of how many times you can take a chance to double.

For example, some slot games might allow you to try your luck on the risk game to double your winnings up to 10 times.

This information you can usually see it explained on the game rules.

Where to find a Risk Game or Gamble Feature:

In all, this is a great feature if you are up for taking a risk with more chances being on your favor. After all, you have a 50% chance in the risk game to win the dealers hand and double your winnings.

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