Whilst playing on your online casino account you can sometimes experience some problems. For example, your account gets blocked for one of many reasons. In this article we will review the reasons and what you can do to unblock your casino account. The problems can be simple as having forgotten your casino password or related to more extreme situations such as having multiple accounts. But problems can happen without you even being aware of the reason. Some of the most common problems that can lead to your account being blocked include the following:

  • Blocked due to Forgetting Password;
  • Blocked due to Account Verification;
  • Breach of Terms and Conditions;
  • Multiple Accounts detected;
  • Underage Gambling;

Blocked due to Forgetting your Password:

One of the most common problems that happen to anyone at least once in a while including you having forgotten your password. It doesn’t take much to at certain online casinos to get locked out of your casino account. This depends on the security measures of a casino, but on some if you enter the password incorrectly 3 times it will lock your account. This is something normal but which can easily be fixed, such as clicking on the forgot password option and following the instructions to reset it.

Blocked due to Account Verification:

Another common but usually a step that is not paid attention by players at times relates to the account verification. All online casinos, need at some point to verify your account, in which case you would need to provide some documents (ID, Utility Bill etc). Providing the above mentioned documents are a normal procedure to verify your identity and is required by AML regulations. So in case you have not provided the required and your account is blocked, there is a high chance this might be the reason. There are also added benefits for providing your documents in advance since these can even speed up your withdrawal.

Blocked for Breach of Terms and Conditions:

Another reason for why your account could have been blocked is in case of breach of terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions can differ from one casino to another, so before starting playing it would be advisable that you read them from top to bottom.

Blocked for Multiple Accounts:

Another and rather common reason which can happen to anyone would be if you are found having multiple accounts. With so many online casinos online, if you play at multiple sites you might by mistake have opened a second account on the same casino. You have to remember that you are only allowed one account per casino. So if you open a second one, your account most likely would be blocked. If not yet, online casinos can track multiple accounts easily and would block it soon.

Blocked due to Underage Gambling:

Playing in an online casino requires that you are under the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction. In case you are not you account will get blocked.

How to Unlock Your Casino Account:

Depending on the reason for why your account is blocked you would be able to take steps to open it. The first thing to do is to keep calm and contact the online casino’s customer support on either of there communications channels. Once they have been contacted, they would be able to tell you exactly the reason and how you can unblock your account. Sometimes though unblocking the account would not be possible. For example, if the reason is related to multiple accounts the most likely outcome is that your account will be permanently blocked. But even in this case it would depend how you breached the multiple account clauses. So it would be important to keep calm and contact the online casinos support and get more information as to the situation. And always remember to do some research on the casino that you wish to play at to be sure that it is safe and secure. Some of the casinos that we would recommend you have a look at include the following: