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Managing your bankroll on slots is as important as it is on any game at a casino. Here we outline some tips on how you can manage your bankroll when playing on slots.

To be able manager your bankroll, really just narrows down to the following queries:

  • Slot Games have a negative expectation
  • How much money shall I spend on Slots
  • What should the betting amount be when I have an X amount to spend.

Slot Games Have a Negative Expectation:

Slot games will usually have a return to player value of 96%, 98% which basically is the amount the slot pays back to a player over a large number of spins.

For example, for every 100EUR that you spend on a slot game this would translate to a slot game giving you back 96EUR or 98EUR. But this is too simplistic as the RTP value is counted across thousands of spins.

Having in mind the above expectation, it would be better to understand that slots have a negative expectation. Winning is achievable but you never know when it will be released and it would be depended on your luck. But with the RTP being derived from thousands of spins  having a negative expectation would be more practical as this would allow you to understand that gambling is about having fun.

How Much Money Shall I spend on Slots:

When it comes to the question of how much money you should spend on slots, the answer should be simple. You should gamble only with money that you can afford.

One of the best tips that can be given is to create a budget which you can play on slots and which you do not mind loosing. This would allow you to play on slot games for the sake of entertainment and have some good old fun.

What should the betting amount be:

So you understand that slot games have negative expectations and you most likely to loose. You also have set aside a budget which you do not mind loosing on the games. This will allow you to have fund on the games and treat slots as entertainment. After all you can experience some pretty good game features on the games.

Coupled with the above questions would be the decision of how much should you be betting on slots per spins. After-all since you are playing for entertainment, you might want to extend your gaming and this is were the betting amount comes to play.

You would want to choose an amount that would give you a good amount spins on the game so that you would have a chance to experience most of the game features.

A good tip would be to bet around 2% of the amount that you deposit so that you get a good amount of spins that you play. If you deposit 20EUR then 2% of your deposit would be 0.40 which would mean that you get the chance to spin the reels 50X. The amount of spins is quite good in giving you more chances in trigger bonus features, free spins and experiencing the game.

It can be that you still do not trigger the features on the game, but 50 spins gives you a really good chance to trigger features and get entertained.