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As a casino player, knowing how to cheat at online casinos and in any gambling/gaming site is a pretty handy skill but which nonetheless you will be caught at some point so don’t do it. If you are an online casino, you would want to catch the cheaters. The end goal of the primary is to gain money by cheating in an online casino and of the latter is to catch the players who are cheating. The purpose of this article is to share some of the ways through which gamblers try to cheat in online casinos. As it would suffice whilst reading the article, you would be better off not to cheat whilst playing at an online casino. The reason is that it is dishonest but also due to that online casinos know the answers to questions such as how to cheat on online casinos. Despite this, we will share some of the ways of how players strive to cheat in online casinos to achieve their end goal of gaining money.

Bonus Abuse:

The most common way to cheat in an online casino is by abusing their sign up bonus offers. Yes by claiming a sign up bonus offer you buy in to what the casino intends but at the same time, one could cheat by abusing the bonus itself. This is especially relevant when it comes to completing the wagering requirements. Be aware that there are different types of bonuses such as non sticky bonuses and sticky bonuses. But in general, on both occasions in this scenario you would strive to each the wagering requirements. To be more specific in this instance you will be finding ways to easily complete the wagering requirement and still get a profit. When you make a deposit of 100EUR and claim a first deposit bonus 100% with a 35X wagering, this would mean that you would get 100EUR real money and 100EUR bonus money. If the bonus is non sticky, you start with the 100EUR real money and only if the 100EUR real money is lost you start playing with the bonus money. You will need to complete the 35X wagering requirement when you start playing with the bonus money. If though as in the above scenario you claim a 100% with a 35X bonus with a deposit of 100EUR it is different. It is different in the sense that you start wagering when you start placing your first bets with the real money. In general though, the incentive to cheat comes from wanting to find ways to complete the wagering requirement without risking too much money whilst maintaining high chances of having made a profit.

Lets say that you are in a situation in which you do not yet need to to complete the wagering requirements of a bonus. In the above case it would be 35X 100EUR which would be 3500EUR. The key to cheat in this instance in the online casino is to play the right games, use strategies and hope that the chances are on your end so as to allow you to make a profit. Selecting the right games, would mean choosing the games with the lowest house edge. For example, you would be better by selecting a slot game with the lowest house age say 5% and less. The house edge on slots is usually naturally higher than by playing on table games such as blackjack or on roulette (if you are betting simply or red or black). Selecting to play on blackjack or on roulette by betting on landing the ball on red or black would has lower house edge relative to slots. But even in this case, online casinos have been vigilant on finding ways to address ways in which gamblers try to cheat in an online casino.

Most casinos if not all enforce game restrictions when you are playing with a bonus and/or they set certain criteria in which for example 10% of your wagers on blackjack would count towards wagering. In the latter case, that would mean that you would need to wager a higher amount in order to meet the wagering requirement. Abusing the bonuses as in the above scenarios is in essence cheating, as you strive you increase your chances to win by going against an online casino Terms and Conditions. The above ways to cheat at online casino are addressed by online casinos via their terms and conditions. We would advise to play the games whilst being mindful of the terms and conditions . This is to avoid any repercussion such as having your winnings being voided or your account being closed by the online casino.

Other Types of Bonus Abuse:

When considering an online casinos to play at you will notice that most of the bonus offers require a deposit to be made. But not all casinos require a deposit in order to claim a bonus. Some online casinos even offer what is called no deposit bonuses or no deposit free spins when you simply register an account with them. No deposit bonuses would usually be around 5EUR or 10EUR and no deposit free spins would usually give you a batch of 5, 10 or even 20 free spins to play with. And this you get by simply registering an account with a respective online casino.  This is also the incentive or the means through which gamblers try cheat in online casinos.

This basically leads to another type of a bonus abuse that is slightly more complicated  – creating multiple accounts. This type of bonus abuse in which you createmultiple accounts in online casinos allows you to claim multiple no deposit bonuses. This is to say to take advantage of the bonus that is on offer, since this bonus is available only once per account holder. Cheating an online casino by conducting this type of bonus abuse is also not really appealing since it will only give you 10EUR or some free spins which you can play. Though it has a minimum risk for you, since you are not risking any of your own money, you could create infinite number of accounts to win and cash-out. Even if you would be able to cash-out winnings by cheating a casino via the creation of multiple accounts, it is not really worth it.

Yes, it might be the case that a casino might does not catch you due to oversight but you should know that no deposit free spins or no deposit bonuses are capped. This is to say that they have a max amount that you can withdraw from your winnings. On top of it, when a withdrawal is requested, a casino will strive to verify your account details in line with license requirements that they operate under (Malta license, Curacao License etc). In this case, you would be required to provide an Identification document, Utility Bill and to verify your payment methods. By this stage, a player who has multiple accounts is highly likely to be caught, winnings voided and the casino account to be closed. Even the creation of Fake ID’s and the like will most likely fail and above all this would be time consuming for just a small amount that you could gain by trying to cheat a casino by multiple accounts.

Hacking and Stealing to Cheat Online Casinos:

Another way on how to cheat an online casino is to hack the online casino. By this we mean a situation in which a hacker acting as a player who in consequence takes advantage of software vulnerabilities. For example, a hacker could if successful get access to the system and award credits to himself or he could modify a game’s probabilities to ensure that he would win. This is not something that is achievable since most online casinos have perfected their security measures to prevent such practices. Another way, would be to guess another player’s username and password  combination or in a scrupulous way gain access to his account by stealing it. Logically this is more achievable than taking advantage of software vulnerabilities but even in this case, online casinos have security measures in place to tackle such instances. One such measure is when upon your withdrawal request the casino will review your game play, deposit methods and withdrawal methods. To address instances in which a gambler would strive to cheat an online casino via the above means, casinos actually have in most cases dedicated personnel who conduct checks. The repercussions even if one would succeed conducting these means to cheat in an online casinos far out-way possible gains and therefore it would not be worth it.