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If you are a high roller or low roller and you chase big prizes then you might consider trying out a high limit slot machine strategy. High limit slots offer you exactly this chance – to win big prizes and a high limit slot machines strategy might actually be of help. This type of slots is what high rollers would usually be playing, due to that they require a higher betting amount to be placed accompanied with a larger pot that can be won. Regular slots would instead require a few cents bet for every spin, but will not in turn payout huge amounts as the high limit counterparts. The main focus of this article is to, inform you of what you need to know regarding high limit slots and the strategy, including also some tips for playing high limit slots.

What is a High Limit Slot Machine?

High limit slot machines are in essence slot games in which you typically spin the reels and try to land symbols in a way to form winning combinations on the paylines. There is not much difference in general to a typical slot game, as these would also typically have Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Rounds, Free spins etc. But there are two main key features that would help you identify that the game is actually a high limit slot machine. High Limit Slot Games have higher betting limits: Slot games can in essence can be divided into two broad categories such as high limit slots and low limit slots. In low limit slots or otherwise called penny slots you can play them with the smallest betting amount/lowest wager possible. In contrast, high limit slots would require a larger wager to be placed in order to play the game. In addition, the lowest wager limits and maximum wager limits would differ from one game to another but the general principle is the same, that high limit slot machines require a much larger bankroll to be played. Payouts are much higher:  High limit slot machines would also have higher payouts when you form winning combinations. Its natural, the higher the wager and risk on the game the higher the payout amount that you can win. It would be weird if playing on a high limit slot with a bet of 20EUR you end up winning just 5EUR – 10EUR. This is not worth risking a higher required wager only to win amounts that are smaller than your betting amount.

Differences Between High limits Slots Strategy and Normal Slots:

Questions might arise as to what is the difference when applying a strategy for high limit slots. The answer is that there is not much difference between high limit slots and normal slots since they both basically operate under the same rules. You spin the reels, hope to land a winning combination, trigger a bonus round or free spins in the hope of boosting your winnings. Basically if you have previously played slot machines in general then playing on high limit slots would not be much different. The only difference is that you can win a lot more from high limit slot machines.

Online Casinos that you can use High limit Strategy:

There are hundreds of online casinos online that you can find high limit slots to play for a chance to try your luck on grand winnings. Be sure that you always conduct a due diligence for the casino that you wish to play by checking that it is a licensed casinos (Malta, Curacao etc). This will help you filter out any scam casinos right away. Below you can find some of the casinos that we advise to give a try when it comes to high limit slots. On your first deposit to the casino, you can also claim yourself a juicy welcome bonus.

Tips to apply The Best Strategy for High Limit Slots:

This section is about, how to successfully apply strategies on high limit slot machines ? Basically, it is about tips that we believe might come handy for playing high limit slots. In brief there is no strategy that will at least in slots ensure that you will win. This is basically due to the odds of the slot machines, as these games are operated by a random number generator which randomly produces the results. So there is no strategy that you could use to succumb this in order to guarantee that you will win. Despite this, there are some suggestions or tips for playing high limit slots that could help you along the way. Prefer Online Slot Games: Online slot games basically offer the same odds as slot machines in land based casinos. The difference is that in land based casinos, you would be strictly required to bet the said amount (example 20EUR per spin). Online casinos allow you to play the same slot game with lower bets and allow you to place lower wagers when spinning the reels. Review the Game’s paytable: Once you load a game, strive to familiraze yourself with the slot games paytable. The paytable includes information about the game symbols, bonus rounds and the slot game features which can themselves boost up your winnings. For example free spins, game multipliers and all different kinds of bonus types can give you some juicy wins. Manage your Bank Roll: Set a limit as to how much money you would spend on the games before calling it a day. The principle around it, is to only spend money that you can afford. Look for the Biggest Bonuses and Payouts: Review the slot games and find the games on which you can trigger huge bonuses and payouts. This way, if you form winning combinations, you will be satisfied with the returns. This information can be found on the respective game’s pay table. Bonuses at high limit slots can reach up to thousands of EUR/USD per spin and this is again readily available on the game’s paytable. So its all a click away and can be found from the game itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a High Limit Slot Strategy:


  • Higher Payout Percentage
  • Better odds
  • Same slot game rules so there is no need to learn them again. You just spin the reels and if you are lucky, you can win bigger prizes;


  • Manage and respect your bank roll.


High limit slots are more lucrative that low stake slots but you need to be aware that with the pros there are some cons. Using a high limit sots strategy you can derive benefits such as higher payout percentages whilst playing under the same rules. But it is important that you manager your bankroll so as to avoid getting bankrupt. High limit slot machines require usually higher betting amounts but in online casinos, you can play them even with smaller bets and still derive the mentioned benefits from high limit slot machine strategies. We hope that you find this article interesting and informative and that the tips for playing high limit slots come handy for your gaming experience. Being aware of slot game features is always a plus when trying your luck and we find it being also a fun activity.