Yokozuna Clash Slot Game Review

Yokozuna Clash Slot Game Review

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Yokozuna Clash is a 5-reel, 3 row 243 ways to win slot game, featuring Wild substitutions, 2 levels of Tournament free spins and the Sumo Clash feature.

Yokozuna Clash Wild Feature:

During your spinning you will notice a Wild symbol spinning on the reels. As in most slot games, the Wild symbol of the game, can substitute for all symbols except for free spin symbols. This can give you more chances to form winning combinations, when there is none.

Yokozuna Clash Tournament Free spins:

The game gives you a chance to trigger tournament free spins when you land 2 free spin symbols. Once triggered a random base game Sumo is chosen who will fight one of to tournament free spin Sumos. The free spins on this game do not have a fixed amount of free spins but instead have a power meter. Every spin that forms a winning combination from the left the power meter moves right by 2 bars. When there are wins from right side, then the meter is pushed left by 3 or 4 positions and the free spin symo awards an extra feature. When the power meter moves totally to the left the free spins en. If the power meter moves totally to the right, the player advances from the semi finals and to fight Yokozuna. Beating the boss – Yokozuna – it awards with an extra x2 free spin multiplier. But the game also has more to offer since the games Sumos provide some special features that can reward you greatly.

Yokozuna Clash The Sumos:

Blue Sumo Riku

It randomly awards 1-2 wilds on reels, 2, 3 or 4 in the base game of 1-3 wilds in the semi final free spins and 2-4 wilds in the final round free spins. Ever hit by Riku moves the power meter by 2 bars right in free spins.

Green Sumo Haru:

This green sumo awards a x2-x3 multiplier in the base game or x2-x4 multiplier in Tournament free spins. His hit moves the power meter by 2 bars right in the free spins.

Scottish Sumo O’Conner:

The Scottish sumo’s hit moves the power meter by 3 bards left in free spins and it awards a x2-x4 multplier on spins where he pushes the power meter left.

Buff Sumo Daisuke:

The buff Sumo’s hit moves the power meter by 3 bars to the left in free spins. He can award 1-3 wilds ons pins where he pushes the power meter left.

Demon Sumo Yokozuna:

The demon sumo finally is available only when the first tournament in free spins has been beaten. Demon sumo awards 2-4 random wild symbols and an x2-x4 multiplier when he pushes the power meter left. On top of the above fantastic game features that this technical game includes, the game also includes a Sumo Clash Feature:

Yokozuna Clash Sumo Clash Feature:

When during your gaming you manage to form a 5 of a kind winning line, the Sumos will clash and award 2-4 extra symbols of the same kind as the ones from the 5 of a kind win. This would give you more chances in case for example when you land high paying symbols to boost your bank roll. The drawback its that it is only available during free spins game but with all other game features being present, the game can really provide a thrilling experience. Shall you wish to try the game for real, you can do so by clicking play now.