Winterberries Slot Game Review

Winterberries Slot Game Review

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Winterberries is a 5-reel, 3-row 25 lines fixed slot game featuring Wild substitutions, freeze and Re-Spins and also a column multiplier.

Winterberries Wild Symbol:

The game has a wild substitution allowing to more chances in forming winning combinations. When you have two symbols on the line and you need a third symbols to form a winning combination, a wild symbol can substitute for the missing one.

Winter berries Freeze and Re-Spin Feature:

The game seems to provide more chances to you in order to form winning combinations. With the freeze and Re-Spin feature this is what you get. Forming a winning combination will result in the winning symbols to freeze and the rest of the reels will spin again. If new symbols of the same kind appear on the reels and add on the winning symbols, the symbols will freeze again and the reels will spin again. The more symbols of the same kind you manage to land, the higher the winnings and with the Re-Spins feature of the game, luck can maybe provide great prizes.

Winter Berries Column Multiplier:

If you are wondering if the game can offer you a chance for more winnings then you can check over the Column Multiplier feature. When spinning the reels, if you manage to land all symbols in two or more columns that are equal, the final prize of the frozen symbols is multiplier. In this case, the multiplier is equal to the number of consecutive filled columns, counting from the left (x2 up to x5). If you wish to try your luck on this exciting game, you can give it a spin by clicking on play now.