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Wild Worlds Slot Game Review

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Wild Worlds is a 5 reel 5 row slot game with avalanches featuring Hero Wilds, a Random Destroye Feature and Free Spins that have their own Wild Features.

Wild Worlds Avalanche Feature and Forming Win Lines:

A winning line is formed when a horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more of the same symbols align. A single row or column can contain more than 1 win. During the game play, symbols fall into positions on the reels instead of spinning. When a win match or a winning line is formed an avalanche starts. The symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving space for a second avalanche of symbols for a a chance a greater wins. When there are no wins the avalanche stops.

Wild Worlds Hero Wilds:

During your game play if you form a winning combination with Hero Symbols these are destroyed and the remaining symbols of this type will turn to Wild Symbols. This transformation takes place before the next Avalanche. As in most of the slot games, Wild Symbols  substitute for all symbols except for scatter symbols. The great part is that you can even form a winning combination by landing 3 or more adjacent wild symbols vertically or horizontally.

Wild Worlds Destroy Feature:

The games destroy feature can assist you in a no-win situation. It can be randomly activated at any point where there is a no win situation during the main game. When activated only one color remains on the reels and all of the other symbols are destroyed. These are then replaced by a new Avalanche. Symbols that cannot be destroyed during this feature are Scatter Symbols.

Wild Worlds Free Spins Feature:

When you land 3 or more Scatter symbols during the main game you activate 8 free spins which if lucky can bring you greater winnings. During free spins there are Heroes and Monsters present. Heroes in this game attack Monsters and it develops as follows:

  • Damage is being dealt to one or several Captains, or iftehy have been already destroyed to one or several Boss weak spots
  • A special Hero Meter is being charged which once it fills up will deal damanage to the Monsters.

An Impressive part of the free spins feature is that there are 3 Free spins worlds. Each of the free spins worlds has their own world features. Each of the worlds is randomly entered at the beginning of free spins. You, as a player spin the wheel and the wheel will let you know the free spins wolrd they will be activated on.

  • Dark Forest includes features such as Spreading Wilds
  • Ice Wolrds contains features such as Heavy Wilds
  • Fire Lands contain features such as Random Wilds

Wild Worlds Heavy Wilds Feature:

A stack of 2 Heavy Wilds is randomly placed on the reels following the next Avalanche. These cannot land lower than the 4th row. Heavy Wild symbols can also land on top of other Heavy Wild symbols providing more chances to form winning combinations. In this case though, only 1 Heavy Wild will be placed on the reels. When Heavy Wilds form a winning combinations, these are not destroyed but instead remain on the reels for the next Avalanche. But these explode when they reach the 5th row.

Wild Worlds Random Wilds Feature:

3 to 4 Random Wilds are placed in the reels randomly. These will explode once a winning situation is completed along with the other symbols. New symbols landing in the place of the previously destroyed Random Wild Symbols will turn into Wilds. Random Wilds give an extra opportunity to form a winning combination even when they did not complete a winning combination but there has been a win on other symbols. If there has been a win in other symbols, Random Wilds will remain on the reels for the next Avalanche.

Wild Worlds Spreading Wilds: Feature

A spreading Wild is again randomly placed on the reels. Once a winning combination is formed, it explodes along with other symbols. This results in New Spreading Wilds symbols to be generated on adjacent positions to the previously exploded Spreading Wild Symbols. Every Spreading Wild can generate up to 2 Spreading Wild Symbols. If a winning combination was not formed with the Spreading Wild that was placed on the reels, the Spreading Wild will remain on the reels for the next avalanche.

Monsters, Captains and the Boss:

The game includes 2 types of Monsters. When a Monster reaches 0 health points it is destroyed. It Includes 3 Captains with each captain having 15 health points. For each captain destroyed, the free spins feature of the current free spins world is activated. This applies for when multiple captains are destroyed simultaneously as the feature is awarded the corresponding number of times. The boss in the game has 105 heath points and can be damanged only when all captains have been destroyed. The Heroes attack the boss against its separate weak spots. 2 of the Weak spots are worth 15 whilst 3 of them are worth 25 health points. Once the boss has been destroyed you are transferred into another Free spins world regardless of the remaining free spins. 8 New free spins will be received and as well a new set of Monsters. If the boss is again defeated, then you are transferred similarly to a new world and received 8 free spins. It is a game that can provide great chances a great prizes if you lucky. It has quite many