Valley of the Gods Slot Game Review

Valley of the Gods Slot Game Review

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Valley of the Gods is a 5-reel, 5-row 3125 ways to win slot game featuring re-spins, extra lives and win multipliers.

Valley of the Gods Re-spins:

Whilst spinning on the game when you form a winning combinations you are awarded with a re-spin. As long as you continue landing winning combinations you will continue being awarded re-spins therefore boosting your bankroll.

Valley of the Gods Destroying Blockers:

During the games regular spins 12 blockers with the image of a scarab cover 12 reel positions. When a winning combinations is landed each winning symbols releases a golden scarab which by extent destroys one of the blockers. Once there are no more blockers on the reels, all winning golden scarabs turn into red of blue and are collected for the lives and multiplier feature.

Valley of the Gods Lives:

Once the blockers have been destroyed you get awarded with 1 life. All scarabs colored red, orange, purple or pink are collected towards the extra lives feature. Lives can be collected as long as scarabs are continued to be collected. The feature awards a re-spin on losing re-spins providing you an extra chance to form winning combinations. The feature ends when players so not land a winning combination and no more lives are left.

Valley of the Gods Win Multipliers:

One blocker are destroyed scarabs emerge from winning blue, teal or green symbols and are collected for the win multiplier feature. For every 5 blue scarabs they collect the multiplier increases by 1. As long as scarabs are being collected multipliers can keep being collected. New multipliers from re-spins are added after the win is awarded. Shall you wish to give this game a spin, you can do so by clicking play now.