Valley of the Gods 2 Slot Game Review

Valley of the Gods 2 Slot Game Review

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Game Features
ReelsVariable Reels
Paylines20160 Ways to win
Free SpinsRe-spins
Bonus RoundNo
Min Bet0.10EUR
Max Bet100EUR

Valley of the gods 2 is a variable reel slot game with 20160 ways to win, featuring re-spins, destroying blockers, extra lives, wild reel and win multipliers. Themed around Egypt and a sequel to the valley of gods, this game revisits the mystical desert in a unique way.

Destroying Blockers and Re-spins:

During each spin with a winning combination you are awarded with a respin which continue as long as you continue landing winning combinations. Not only this is cool in this game but it each re-spin will unlock more ways for you win. Each re-spin that results in a winning combination, will award another re-spin and on each winning combination slot positions that are covered will be activated. There are 16 slot positions which are covered by scarab symbols and which can be activated with each winning combination that you form.  Once all 16 positions are activated a new adventure starts since re-spins continue until the point where a winning combination is not formed.

Special Features:

After unlocking the 16 slot positions through re-spins, you get the chance to experience some other great features which include extra lives, wild reels and win multipliers.

Extra Lives:

Once all 16 slot positions are activated you are awarded with 1 extra life. After this, you receive one extra life for every 5 red scarabs you collect.  The extra lives are important in that if you do not form a winning combination, you will loose one life and you will be awarded with another re-spin. A pretty cool way to potentially extend your game play and look forth for more rewards.

Wild Reel:

Once all blockers or all 16 positions are activated you also get a chance to experience a lucrative wild reel feature. To trigger it you need to form winning combinations with red and green high paying symbols from which each winning combination you get 1 gold scarab. For every 5 you are awarded with 1 wild reel which stays on the reels for as long as re-spins continue. Pretty neat and progressive game so far.

 Win Multipliers:

As re-spins continue after the blockers have been destroyed you can start collecting blue scarabs and increase the multiplier for your wins. Every 5 blue scarabs collected you increase the multiplier by 1x and the more you collect the more you will be awarded.

Mobile Usability:

The game is awesome to be played on any device including mobile devices. The buttons a nicely sized so as to allow you to play the game and also to view the pay-table information. So if you are on the go or don’t have a desktop next to you, you can still enjoy the game.

Return to Player (RTP) 96.3%:

If you are wondering about the game’s return to player (RTP) percentage then you will find a decent percentage. . The game’s RTP is fixed on 96.3% which is above the 95% industry average which is pretty nice to see.


The game is fast and pretty progressive and it surely will keep the tempo going. If you are a type of a player that you enjoy games that reward more the more spins that are played then this game might be for you. The more re-spins you are given the chance to spin, the more are the features and rewards that you reap. Features such as extra lives, wild reels and win multipliers make the game quite interesting and can also prove to be quite lucrative for you. You just need a bit of luck to maintain re-spins being awarded consecutively.