Incinerator Slot Game Review

Incinerator Slot Game Review

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Incinerator is a 5-reel, 3 row 20 lines fixed slot game featuring wild symbols and a wild pattern feature which allows you to get wilds assigned according to a pattern.

Incinerator Wild Feature:

As it is the case in most slot games the wild symbol of the game will substitute for symbols allowing you to form winning combinations and increase your chances in winning. But a super exciting feature that the game has is the Wild Pattern feature.

Incinerator Wild Pattern Feature:

The game will give you a chance to turn into wilds symbols on the reels based on the pattern that is located on the left side f the screen. What it takes for the feature to be activated is 3 consecutive wins. This will trigger the Wild Pattern feature. The feature can be re-triggered which is super. Once triggered you will notice as mentioned above that the symbols on the reels will be transformed into wilds as depicted by the pattern located on the left of the game.

Incinerator Wild Pattern What this means:

This means that you get more wilds on the reels which translates into more chances to form winning combinations. Having this in mind, winnings are more likely to be derived and since the game allows this feature to be re-triggered you can even be lucky enough to multiply your winnings.