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Conan Slot Game Review

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Conan is a 6-reel, 4-row 24 lines slot game featuring wild substitutions, tower wilds, battle wilds  free spins, mystery symbols and mystery multiplier that can boost your bank roll.

Conan Tower Wilds:

Whilst spinning on the game, you can land tower wilds which appear on reels 1 and 2 and which can assist you in forming winning combinations. Once they land these wilds, expand to cover the entire reel and substitute for all symbols except for scatter symbols.

Conan Mystery Symbol, Multiplier and the Thothamon feature:

During the main game, you can also land a mystery symbol which appears on reels 3 and 4 – it can be single or stacked. This symbol has the ability to transform to any symbol except for scatter symbols, tower symbols and battle wilds. The coolest part of this is that when you land a fully stacked mystery symbol on reel 3 and/or 4 it would activate also the mystery multiplier. This can be between 3-7 allowing you to look forward to multiplying your winnings. But when you land a combination such as a fully stacked mystery symbol on reels 3 or 4 together with tower wild or battle wild, you activate the Thothamon feature. Once activated 3 to 6 mystery symbols are randomly added on reels 2-5 on any position that is not already covered by another mystery symbol, scatter symbol or a wild symbol. The main game specialties do not stop here though.

Conan Battle Wild symbols:

When you manage to land a battle wild symbol during the main game, the symbol expands up to 3 symbol positions sideways to an adjacent reel – reel 5 or 6. So you can surely expect to be thrilled by the more chances provided by the game to form winning combinations. More excitement is included though on the game since the game offers a linked reels feature.

Conan Linked Reels Feature:

If you get lucky you can also get the reel paid in each of three 2×4 sections to be linked with the reel in the same section. During free spins, each spin has a random number of at least two adjacent reels linked together with a maximum of 6 linked reels. And as is usually tradition, the game also includes a free spins game. Basically three types of free spins which you can play in.

Conan Free Spins Games:

The game gives you the chance to try your luck on three types of free spins games. The three types of free spins on the game include, City of Thieves free spins, Temple of the Serpent Free spins and Walls of Tarantia Free spins Interesting is that the spins come with different levels of volatility and on each of the free spins you can activate the linked reels feature.

City of Thieves Free Spins:

During the City of thieves free spins game tower wilds can appear on all reels and which can expand up and or down to cover the reels partially or entirely. The volatility on this free spins type is low/medium and you an also activate linked reels feature to boost your chances at winnings.

Temple of the Serpent Free Spins:

Whilst on the Temple of the Serpent of free spins game you can land mystery symbols and staked mystery symbols. When you land a mystery symbol fully stacked oaring a whole reel, you activate the mystery multiplier in which all bet line wins are multiplied 3-7. When you manage landing 509 mystery symbols randomly then you activate the thoth-amon feature which randomly adds 3-6 mystery symbols on any of the reels. Volatility of the free spins is medium.high.

Walls of Tarantia Free Spins:

When you trigger the Walls of Tarantia free spins you can land battle wilds which appear on all reels and expand to up to 3 symbol positions sideways to an adjacent reel. Volatility is low/medium. Shall you wish to give this game a spin, you can do so on the following online casinos. If it is your first time in one of the following casinos, you can also claim your self a fantastic first time deposit bonus.