Cherry Pop Slot Game Review

Cherry Pop Slot Game Review

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Game Features
Paylines59,049 ways to win
Free SpinsYes
Bonus RoundNo
Min Bet0.20EUR
Max Bet40EUR
Release Date06.10.2020

Cherry pop is a win all ways game with 59,049 ways to win, featuring an exciting pop wins mechanic, multipliers, free spins and a gamble feature. Cherry pop  is a fruit theme slot game with a pop win mechanic, a pink frame and a rather modern look. Read further the Cherry pop slot game review to find out more.

PopWins Feature:

As the name implies – popwins – the winning symbols on this game pop and disappear from their place and new symbols appear in their place. If another winning combination appears, the process repeats itself until there are no more wins on the reels. And on each occasion where there are popwins, the reels strive to expand giving you more chances to form winning combinations. More on this, later on, during the cherry pop slot game review. It is a somewhat similar process to what cascading wins or avalanche feature games have but in this case, these instead pop and new symbols appear on their place. Guess you can say it is a matter of aesthetics or of how you feel is the best way for new symbols to appear during the process.

Expansive Reels:

The game is quite progressive in that each winning combination – popwins – can expand the reels from its default 5×3 set up. It can expand from 5×6 reel/row set up area giving you more leeway to form winning combinations. The cool part of this is that as you progress and expand the payable area, you reach closer to be awarded with free spins which require to expand the reels at 5×6. During the free spins, the reels can expand up to 5×9 which can make the game more exciting and even more rewarding. Read further the Cherry pop slot game review to find out.

Cherry Pop Free Spins and Multiplier:

The game will award you with free spins when you manage to expand the reels to a 5×6 playable area. With them you also get a multiplier right from the start which can make your gaming even more lucrative. And the game awards you more free spins depending on the level you reached as follows. Levels 2 and 3 below can be won via the game’s free spins gamble feature which is explained on a following section on this slot game review.

  • Free spins level 1 – 5 free spins;
  • Free spins level 2 – 8 free spins;
  • Free spins level 3 – 12 free spins;

A nice touch of the game is that the free spins give you a great booster right from the start with  multiplier of 2x. On top, each winning pop round increases the multiplier by 1 and fully unlocking the game in free spins gives an immediate +3 multiplier and an extra +3 multiplier for every winning pop round. This can result in quite a lucrative venture itself and the progressive features of the game, could even extend your game play with the help of popwins.

Free Spin Gamble:

What is worth to mention is that the game also gives you the chance to gamble the free spins that you are awarded when you manage to expand the reels to a 5×6 format. Before starting the free spins round, you have the option to gamble the free spins twice. If you gamble successfully once you increase your 5 free spins to 8 free spins. But if you gamble successfully twice, then you increase your free spins to 12. The above option for risk takers can boost up your free spins giving you more spins on which to try your luck on the game’s great features. Pop wins and multipliers during free spins, can quickly make the game run quite lucrative. But be aware that loosing the gamble would mean that you would loose the rewarded 5 free spins and you would revert back to the main game.

Mobile Usability:

The game is awesome to be played on any device including mobile devices. The buttons a nicely sized so as to allow you to play the game and also to view the pay-table information. So if you are on the go or don’t have a desktop next to you, you can still enjoy the game.

Return to Player (RTP) 96.2%:

If you are wondering about the game’s return to player (RTP) percentage then you you will find a descent RTP which is set on 96.2%. The game’s RTP is fixed on 96.2% which is above the 95% industry average which is a plus from us.

Our Verdict:

Game wise the slot game – Cherry pop – is quite simple but upbeat progressive. Progressing via consecutive popwins is what will award you with the free spins and with the accompanying multipliers which can be rewarding. Downside is that the game does not include any Wild symbols that can substitute for other game symbols during the main game which could have made the game more interesting. Despite the rather simple main game, once you get awarded with the free spins, that is when the fun starts. You start with a 2x multiplier and the more popwins you get formed the multiplier increases by +1. And if you manage to fully unlocking or expanding the reels in free spins, you get an immediate 3X multiplier and an extra +3 multiplier for every winning pop round. You just have to get to the free spins game in order to make the game more exciting in this progressive slot game.