Blood Moon Wilds Slot Game Review

Blood Moon Wilds Slot Game Review

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Game Features
Free SpinsYes
Bonus RoundNo
Risk GameNo
Min Bet0.10EUR
Max Bet100EUR

Blood Moon wilds is a 5-reel, 3-row and 20 lines slot game featuring a Lunar Calendar, Random Feature, Free spins which certainly will entertain you. Wilds are awarded via game features. The game is themed around New Orleans at the point when sun sets and strange things start happening. A Victorian looking slot game in which humans turn into gold hungry Werewolves when the full moon rises.

Blood Moon Wilds Lunar Calendar:

The game features a Lunar calendar which shows the moon phases as the reels spin. When the lunar calendar shows the full moon or the blood moon that is were the slot becomes the most rewarding. When it is set on the full moon, the game’s high-pay symbols turn into Werewolf Wilds which can substitute for game symbols allowing you to boost your wins.   During the game’s free spins it becomes even more interesting. When the Lunar calendar during the free spins, shows blood moon, all high-pay symbols on the reels turn into Werewolf Wilds and these slot positions stay as Wilds as the reels turn. The chances of landing those Wilds again is increased and so are your chances in forming winning combinations.

Blood Moon Wilds Random Feature:

During the game’s base game you can also trigger 1 of the 4 random features. This is also possible during free spins and which makes the game quite interesting. Features that can be triggered through this feature include Random Wilds, Random Multiplier, Extra free spin symbol and the Random full moon. Already by the name you can expect quite the adventure. Random Wilds: When random wilds are triggered one type of high-pay symbols, the one which will pay out the most is turned into wild symbols. Quite nice as it focuses on rewarding the most. Random Multiplier: This feature will add a multiplier on your win of either x2, x3, x4 or even x5 making your winning more lucrative. Extra Free Spins symbol: If there is already at least 2 free spin symbols on the reels, this can prove quite amazing as it will add 1 extra free spin symbol on the reels. This can even help you in the journey of triggering the free spins round were you can boost your winnings further. Random Full Moon: A pretty neat feature that when triggered, will nudge the lunar calendar so that a full or blood moon is drawn. Pretty cool if there are highpaying symbols on the reels, as these will be turned into Werewolf Wilds that will substitute for other game symbols and  award you with a nice win.

Blood Moon Wilds Free Spins:

If you are lucky and you land 3 free spin symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game, then you could be up for some nice winning chances. The more free spin symbols you land, the more free spins you get awarded.

  • Landing 3 free spin symbols you will be awarded with 7 free spins
  • Landing 4 free spin symbols you will be awarded with 10 free spins
  • Landing 5 free spin symbols award 12 free spins

Landing 6 free spin symbols award you with 20 free spins. This batch of free spins can be triggered only with the additional free spin symbol through the random feature. The game has a pretty neat free spin feature that will award you with more as long as the required symbols land. And the nice part is that during free spins, you can also get extra free spins when you land 2 free spins symbols. In this case you get an extra 2 free spins to play with making the free spins round last longer.