Aldo’s Journey Slot Game Review

Aldo’s Journey Slot Game Review

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Aldo’s Journey is a 5 reel, 5-row 65 paylines slot game featuring Wild symbols, Free Spins feature and the Aldo’s Journey Wild feature which appears in all modes.

Aldo’s Journey Wild Symbols:

There are two types of Wilds that the game houses and which substitute for the games symbols allowing you to form winning combinations. These are the Aldo Journey Wild Feature and the Wild Time Feature.

Aldo Journey Wild Feature:

The Aldo Journey Wild Symbol acts as usual Wild symbols and substitutes for all regular symbols, allowing you to form winning combinations. It can land on both the base game and the bonus game. The special function of this wild symbol is that it moves by one reel position in 1 of 8 directions in each spin.

Wild Time Feature:

The Wild time feature is available on the base game. It can land on the centre square position in the base game and once it lands 3-9 wilds are placed randomly on the reels. When a winning combination is formed with the assist of this feature you get a 2x-4x multiplier on your winnings boosting your bankroll. But when you land Aldo on the centre position during free spins, you are awarded similarly 3-9 random  wilds and get added +1, +2 or +3 on the multiplier counter for the entire free spins session.

Aldo’s Journey Free spins feature:

On top of the amazing Wild features that the game has to offer you also get the chance to trigger free spins. When you land 3 free spin symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 you trigger the free spins mode which you can play with special features on different regions. The region will depend on which position Aldo is on when you trigger the free spins rund. You can trigger the following free spins regions:

  • Italy Free spins (Multiplier starts with 2X and increases by 1 each spin)
  • Mongolia Free spins (At the end of each free spin, on regular symbol is removed. Shall only 2 symbols be left on the reels, the player will get a +1x multiplier)
  • Persia Free Spins (On each spin you get thrown a Sticky Wild by Aldo assisting you to form winning combinations)
  • China Free Spins (You get 1-5 wilds in 1 of 8 direction on each spin and the mode also starts with 2x multiplier – a real booster)


Packed with two types of Wilds one that can land on the main game and one that can land on all modes this game is ready to take you on a journey. You get the usual wild symbols to assist you in forming winning combinations by substituting for regular symbols, but you also get a lot more. You can trigger free spins with special feature that can be played on different regions such as Italy, Mongolia, Persia and Chine. Multipliers and sticky wilds can help you on the free spins journey to boost your winnings. If a slot game packed up with a journey sounds great then this game might just be right for you.