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Slot machines or otherwise known fruit slots are known to nearly all if not all players. Due to their popularity there is hardly any developer who does not have fruit slots in their portfolio. These are known for their simplicity and yet their ability to offer great opportunities for winning.

Types of Fruit Slots:

The most common to be found type of fruit slots are their classic games which usually have 5 or 3 reels. These are very easy to play and are known for their simplicity. Due to their simplicity they do not include mini games or otherwise known prize rounds but they do offer free spins and a risk game.

A second type of fruit slots is created when a simple fruit slot starts mingle with modern themes.

Symbols used in classic fruit slots:

In classic fruit slots there are a few symbols that are common to be found and these include the following:

  •  The star;
  •  The seven;
  •  The bar inscription;
  •  The bell;

When it comes to their prize features, as a rule these consist of the following:

  • A risk game;
  •  Free spins;
  •  A Wild symbols
  •  A scatter;

Despite the passage of time and the development of slots to include various features aimed at making slot games more entertaining fruit slots are still on e of the favourite types. Their simplicity and ability to offer great chances at big wins continue to still offer a great deal of entertainment to quite many fruit slot lovers.