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Slots with Bonus Games

Online slots with bonus games are a great way to extend your game play and add plenty more chances for big wins. These usually come In the form of mini games which you can enter by landing a matching combination of required symbols.

So if you are looking for an exciting experience on slots coupled and trying your luck for big wins, then slots with bonus games might help on the way.

What are bonus games.

Bonus games on slots are mini games, which usually require that you land 3, 4, 5 and so on matching symbols on the reels. Usually these symbols will be three or more scatter symbols or other symbols specified by a game in the game rules.

Some of the most popular types of  bonus games that can be triggered on slot games include the following.

  • Pick me bonus game: A pick me bonus games is a mini game which usually requires you can pick from a random selection in order to win instant prizes. You might be picking pots of gold, opening caskets or another object themed around the general theme of the slot game.
  • Added extra wilds: The slot game might trigger a bonus game which rewards extra wilds on top of the default number of wilds. This means more chances to form winning combinations, since wild symbols by nature substitute for other game symbols and assist you to form winning combinations.
  • Pathway bonus game: In a pathway bnonus game, you progress through a series of bonus games at which each stage you can win bigger pries.

How to choose a good slot with bnonus game:

Slots with bonus games are one of the most popular types in gambling and quite often casinos strive to cater to this thirst. Nearly all if not all online casinos have a diverse portfolio of slot with bonus games readily available for their players.

But if it is also important for players to be aware on some hints on how to separate good slots with bonuses from the bad ones. In our opinion there are three main criteria which need to be given attention when choosing slots with bnonus games.

Hit Frequency: Its not worth it if you can enter the bonus when on a slot after a long stretch of spins. For what is worth, it is not worth it to make hundreds of spins only to enter the bonus game once and end up even seeing your funds dwindling.

Payout Potential: If you manage to enter a bonus game, it would be sad to see your balance just diminish or to barely double your bet throughout the mini game. A bonus games should be able to multiply your bet a considerable amount which would allow you at worst to extend your game play.

Fun Factor: The bonus game of a slot should be fun to play and properly themed around the slot games theme so as to contribute to the entertainment factor. If the slot is themed around the wild west, then the bonus game of the slot should  be themed around it and be able to provide and/or contribute to the games already existing excitement.

Bonus Game slots vs Regular slots:

Though one might think of classic slots that do not have a bonus game a bit outdated or dull some players might prefer them. The reason is that some classic slot games that do not offer bonus games substitute for this by offering a high chances f winning without a bonus game.

It is also a matter of preference, since the primary purpose of slots wit bonus games is to offer excitement. Add on top the usual benefit of being having the chance to hit a jackpot or of claiming a big win it is no surprise that slots with bonus games have climbed to become one of the most popular types of slots.