You might have wondered if making an online casino chargeback is possible. Truth to be told, it is possible but it is also very hard to make a successful chargeback in gambling and you also need to know what are the consequences for disputing transactions or losses. On the one hand, yes you can request a chargeback for a deposit that you make to a casino. But chances of a chargeback being successful are quite slim, when disputing gambling related transactions. It can have consequences, even If it is successful. So in this article we will explain how you could make a successful chargeback in a gambling site and what are the consequences of making an online casino chargeback. Chargebacks are a hot topic, especially when it comes to gambling losses which you might have the intention of claiming back. Read further to find out more.

What is an Online Casino Chargeback ?

Chargeback in general means that you can request to be returned the funds deposited. You can request a refund for the funds deposited if in fact the service provider has tricked you. Specifically this can be claimed if the service or goods that you have made a deposit for are faulty. If you can prove this, then you can get get back the money. Once you make a chargeback claim, the payment provider will take it up with the service provider in order to address the chargeback claim. In essence chargeback is what one might say a consumer protection mechanism which is widely known across the world. Since online casinos are in effect offering a service to consumers the same principles apply. An online casino player who is a consumer of service can in principle make a chargeback claim. To some players this might be appealing as this could be understood that you can dispute gambling related transactions via a chargeback to get back losses. But it is not all that perfect and simple. You should be aware of what are the chances of making a successful gambling related chargeback and also what are the consequences.

How to make a Successful Online Casino Chargeback ?

Making a chargeback is about disputing a transaction made to buy a service or good. In order for it to be successful, you would need to be able to prove that the service or good that you purchased is faulty. If you can prove this, then your chargeback could be deemed successful and you would get your funds back. So in the case of an online casino, for a chargeback to be successful you need to prove that the good provided is faulty. The transaction made towards the good can be disputed via a chargeback if the gambling good is faulty. The service that is provided by an online casino is basically a chance to play games of luck. As a player, you might have an incentive to make a chargeback when you have had gambling losses. This will most definitely end up being unsuccessful since a casino does not offer services to you promising to you that you would win. Instead you are provided services to games luck, in which you can loose or win. The game is after all about risking your funds. If you are lucky you win and if you are unlucky then you loose. As long as you are able to play on the online casino games then the service can be said as being provided and a chargeback would be unsuccessful. The outcome would therefore simply result in the online casinos favour. After all in the above scenario you got to play the games of chance. If you can prove something against this, only then you would have chances of making a successful chargeback.

Two ways for a Chargeback to be Successful:

There are only few ways to successfully claim a chargeback against a casino and even these would be really hard to manage proving. For example, if a casino does not have a license or you can prove that the RTP rates of the games are rigged, then you might be able to sustain your claim and successfully dispute a transaction. In the case of a casino being unlicensed, this is fairly easy as the information can be easily verified. Each gambling site in order to legally provide services to customers, would have a license insignia on the bottom of the site. When you on the license, you can view the license number of the casino which you can verify or, it can even be stated in written form on the bottom. If a gambling license is not present or cannot be verified then you can dispute transactions via a chargeback. In the case of proving that the RTP rates of a slot game is rigged is fairly difficult. Casino games are also licensed from the side of game providers including the return to player (RTP). Subjective claims  such as “i am playing on 3 or 4 different slot games for some time and only won couple times” can just mean that you are unlucky. Be careful in such cases as it most likely be  that you are having an emotional response towards the outcome.

Gambling Chargebacks and What are the consequences ?

It might be that you after playing on games you have had losses which have led you to make a chargeback claim to a gambling facility online. Though chargebacks are a consumer protection mechanism, you should know that there are consequences when going through with a chargeback. Specifically you should know a few things about gambling related chargebacks and also know what are the consequences. The online casino will nearly always dispute your chargeback claim and there is not much that they need to prove. They simply need to prove that you had a chance to gamble or play on casino games. A consequence of making a claim unsuccessfully that you did not receive a service that was promised to you, would most likely end up in your account being banned from the online casino. If you just choose to dispute a transaction based on the reason that it was an unauthorised transaction with the end goal to get the funds back, be careful. The claim will be investigated by the online casino which will go through the internal records and which records can identify if it really was an unauthorised transaction. Try to avoid using this excuse as it might have consequences such as having your account banned. On the downside if you are making a chargeback claim based on lies, it can even result in your bank suing you.


In essence a chargeback is seen as harmful to an online casino. The chances of making a successful chargeback are therefore slim are quite slim and can have consequences for your casino account. We would advise avoiding making chargebacks unless you really have evidence that the service or good provided is faulty. We hope that the information is useful and remember to keep gambling a fun activity.