Online Casinos Accepting Klarna

online casinos accepting klarna

Klarna is yet another popular payment provider that allows you to conduct online payments – depoisits – casinos accepting Klarna. The way it works is that it offers instant payments from your bank account in a secure manner.

It offers to its users speed and convenience equivalent of instant bank transfers but also offers a similar structure to credit cards. Say you wish to make a deposit and do not have the cash, you would be able to purchase the goods and pay it later.

Some of the Casinos that accept Klarna as a payment method include the following:

100% up to 500EUR + 200 Free Spins

How Does Klarna Work:

The way Klarna works is pretty simple. Klarna allows you as a casino player to transfer funds directly from your bank account to your casino account. This is done without having the financial institution – bank – to process your funds, in which case you would wait for couple days for the funds to appear on your casino balance.

Instead with Klarna deposits to your account are instant and once a deposit is made, the funds will appear on your casino balance right away.

On top of this, using Klarna you receive an extra layer of security as you would not need to worry about having your data stolen. When using Klarna, be aware that you will not be able to use all the services of the payment provider, when it comes to gambling. You can use Klarna for making instant bank transfers which is near equivalent in speed to Trustly and other such service providers.

Klarna is available to be used by residents of multiple countries and supports a variety of currencies relevant to the countries were it provides services to. For example, you can use Klarna to make payments in currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK, AUD, CHF.

Pros of Using Klarna in Online Casinos:

One of the features that Klarna offers to it users and which surely is an advantage is that it can be used as an instant bank transfer processor. This is great relative to the normal bank transfers payment option since you would not need to wait for a financial institution such as your bank to process the funds prior to seeing your funds appearing on your casino balance.

Instead when using Klarna as a payment methods, you are able to make deposits to your casino account directly through your bank account. So once you have specified the amount that you wish to deposit and confirm for the transaction to take place, the funds will instantly appeara on your casino balance.

When you wish to play on the games you want to play right away, this is the intention of depositing after all.

This is also an advantage of this payment method – Klarna – which can allow you to deposit from your bank account and start your gaming experience right away.

Cons of Using Klarna:

Though Klarna provides you with an advantage of being able to instantly deposit funds to your casino balance from your bank account, the service does include some disadvantages. Well these are not really great disadvantages but rather a limitation on the service that it provides to gamblers.

For example, you are not able to use services of Klarna such as:

  • Billing Option
  • Monthly Installments

Klarna Billing Option:

The billing option is part of the service that klarna provides to customers who purchase goods online. Say you do not have money to purchase a good at the moment, Klarna allows you to make the purchase and pay at a later stage.

This comes handy when seeking to purchase goods for which you do not have any money to pay now. But this service unfortunately is not available when it comes to gambling and online casinos. Its not that bad when you think about it, since this will allow you to play with what you have and can afford. But some players who would wish to have this extra service provided, unfortunately cannot use it to fund their casino account.

Klarna Monthly Instalments:

Klarna Monthly instalments works in the same way as a credit card in that you could buy for example expensive products and pay the money later in instalments. This feature is also not available for making deposits to an online casino and this again is due to the risks that are part of gambling. For example, a gambler might end up playing more than he can afford and not being able to pay back the funds.

Again this is not that big of a disadvantage since player’s would be able to manage their bankroll. But gamblers who would wish to use this service, do not have this option when using Klarna to make payments to an online casino.

Depositing To Online Casinos with Klarna:

To make a deposit to an online casino using Klarna is super easy and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. And the great part is that it does not require you to have an account with Klarna in order to make a deposit to an online casino via Klarna.

If you know that the casino in question offers Klarna as a payment method, then only a few steps are needed in order to make a deposit to your casino account.

  • Go to your account’s cashier page;
  • Select the payment method that you wish to use for a deposit (In this case Klarna);
  • Enter the login details provided to you by the bank and the TAN number sent to you via text message on your phone;

Once you have approved and confirmed for the deposit to take place, the funds will be taken from your bank account right away and credited to your casino balance. So once the transaction has taken place, you can login to your casino account and you will see that the amount has been credited to your casino balance.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos using Klarna:

When it comes to withdrawing your funds from your casino account using Klarna, the steps are again the same. This can also in a similar way be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

  • Go to your casino account’s cashier page;
  • Select the preferred payment method to withdraw the funds – Klarna;
  • Select the amount that you wish to withdraw from your casino balance;

If your Bank cooperates with Klarna you will be able to use Klarna to make a withdrawal

In order to the funds to appear in your bank account, it can take 2-3 business days.

Klarna Security:

Klarna payment methods is a reliable and secure payment method, whch is also one of the reasons why online casinos provide it. Using Klarna none of your banking details are shared with anyone else and your data is encypted and stored securely.

Another reason for why Klarna provides you with an extra layer of security when gambling online is that it does not require you to have an account with Klarna to fund your casino account.  You just need to go to your cashier page, select the payment method that you wish to use and enter a minimum number of information in order to make a deposit. This would include for example bank details.


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