New players especially should be aware of not opening online casino multiple accounts. This can bring you some trouble when requesting a withdrawal. When creating a new account, you usually get the chance to tick the box for terms and conditions and a box to receive marketing emails. But in the terms there is a clause usually that stipulates that you are not allowed to create multiple accounts in the online casinos. This is something that most new players will not be aware of but it is quite important to have in mind and we will explain the reasons in this article. But first lets determine what are Multiple Accounts in Online casinos.

What are Online Casino Multiple Accounts:

Online Casino multiple accounts is when you open more than one casino account per person, household, computer and or IP address. This is something that nearly all online casinos mention in one way or another in the above mentioned lines. So lets say if I am on household X and open another account on the same household this would create a situation in which I would be having multiple accounts.

Why Opening Online Casino Multiple Accounts is not allowed:

Over the years there has been many players that when creating an account they claim a bonus and then there is no other bonus to claim. To overcome this, some players create more accounts in order to have the option to claim more casino bonuses which in essence is a fraudulent activity as you are abusing the system. This is something that it would be wise for players to avoid and is part of playing fairly in an online casino.

Avoid Opening Online Casino Multiple Accounts:

It would be wise to avoid opening online casino multiple accounts as this can as a consequence have consequences for you. As a player when you are found in breach of the online casino terms and of the clause disallowing the creation of multiple accounts it can result in the closure of your account or even your winnings to be taken. The best alternative for you as a player would be to open another new account in another casino in this instance but not on the same casino. This way you would be able to claim one bonus offer on one casino and then another casino bonus offer on another casino. If you already have an online casino account and wish to open a new account with a casino giving you some great bonus offers you can check our Malta licensed casinos list for more information as well.

Online Casino Multiple Accounts in the same household:

In the case that you and your partner wish to play in an online casino through separate accounts it would be advisable to contact the casino’s customer support for example and ask their permission. They will in this instance tell you what steps that you can take and or if they would be fine with having two accounts in the same household.


Opening multiple accounts in an online casinos is not fair and neither it is advisable as it can affect your casino account and your withdrawals. The safest option would be to have one account in one casino and another account on another if you are trying to claim multiple bonus promotions in a day. Shall you want to check some safe casinos that you can claim a great first deposit bonus, you can check out here.