By casino etiquette we mean the basic rules that a gambler needs to follow at a casino or else how to behave. Granted, the main purpose at a casino be it a land based or online is to have fun. But there are some rules that need to be followed in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. In online casinos, reading the terms and conditions should be a priority especially since there are consequences when you create multiple accounts or conduct bonus abuse. Consequences such as the casino banning you from the casino that you are playing at.

How you are expected to Behave at a Casino:

If you are an online casino player, usually using your computer or phone you might not be aware of how to behave at a land based casino. Reading through our do and don’t guide will help you become aware of the ways to behave at a casino. This is what some come to call and refer to as casino etiquette.

Dress Properly:

Dressing for the occasion is what would help you fit it. It is advisable at least to fit with the casino culture that you see in the movies. There is not reason though for you to go spend fortunes on clothes but a semi-formal look would do just fine.

Be Polite to the Dealer and Other Players:

Gambling is fun and it should stay like that. So no matter if you are loosing or winning, remember to be polite and do not get carried away. If you are loosing or having a bad streak, do not take it out on the dealer or other players.

Know the Rules:

Before starting to play a game, it would be preferable to know the rules of a game first. This will help you know the basics etiquette rules and form your own strategy. This can make the experience for you more fun and thrilling. Knowing rules such as minimum and maximum bets of the different tables, will help you avoid breaking the rules and contribute to the fun experience that you are expecting to have. In online casinos, reading the terms and conditions and bonus terms should be a priority.

Use your Phone Respectfully at the Table:

When you are at a table, do not use your phone to make a call or text. This is the opposite of casino etiquette. At the table, you need to behave respectfully and answering your phone during a game is disrespectful to other table players. This can be avoided by simply stepping away from the table to take a call or reply back to a message.

You can sit If you are Going to Bet:

If you are not going to bet do not sit at a table, since the seats are for players only. Instead of filling up a potential gamblers seat, you can simply stand behind your friend and watch him play.

Have Table Manners:

If at any point you need a drink, you can simply call the host or hostess to bring you a drink. Signalling to them is usually enough and right after, they will bring you the drinks. Only thing, depending on the casino is that the casino might ask you to use a cup holder. This is but one of the rules that a casino might have in place to assure that the casino etiquette is maintained.

Respect the Time of Other Players:

Remember that even though gambling is fun there are other gamblers on the table whom you need to respect. Be mindful of the other players that are on the table and the dealer and do not spend too much time making a decision.

Keep your Cool In Defeat:

It is fine to feel angry after a loss but at the same time you still need to be respectful. For example, blaming the dealer or a rigged game are extremely unlikely to be true and it will not change the outcome of the game. It will only make you look like a bad looser and it is not the proper casino etiquette.

Check Whether Smoking is Allowed:

If you are a non smoker make sure that you follow signage requesting non smoking areas and tables. For smokers, luckily quite many casinos allow smoking in specific areas in which case you would similarly need to follow the signage. This will help you make sure that you follow proper casino etiquette.

What you should not Do in Casino:

Gambling is fun and as such following the above pointers or else do’s will help you follow proper casino etiquette. But there are also some don’t’s that you need to follow so that you do not find yourself in a situation which can get you removed from the property.

Don’t Ask the Dealer for Advise:

Do not under any circumstance ask the dealer for any advise regarding your game strategy. Just be sure that you focus on your own game without discussing your hands with the dealer. The same applies to discussing your strategy and your hands with other players on the table.

Don’t Get Drunk:

Yes you can have drinks at the casino but be aware that you need to respect other players at a table. So do not drink too much to the point were you would disrespect other players at the table and affect your gaming experience.

Don’ Yell in the Casino:

At all times it is advisable to remain calm when you are in the casino. This means that you should not take things personally, for example when being faced with a defeat. Yelling at the dealer or other players is disrespectful and not part of proper casino etiquette. It can even end up with you being kicked outside the property. After all, you can start yelling, drinking and whatever after you leave the table.

Don’t Take Someone’s Place:

If you are not ready to play do not sit on a seat at the table. The seats on the table are reserved for players only and if you are not ready to play do not sit at the table. In case your friend is playing, you can stand behind him at the table so as to leave the seats to prospective players.

Don’t Ask Others to Borrow you Money:

Do not under any circumstance ask other players to borrow you money. To avoid this it is advisable that you manage your bankroll and know beforehand how much you wish to spend. Or otherwise said, how much you can afford to loose. It is best to always set aside money that you are willing to loose and when you have played it to stop gambling.

What About Online Casino Etiquette ?

Though casino etiquette at land based casinos are known to most players, there are no such strict guidelines at online casinos. For example, you do not have to worry about smoking, playing on your phone or even talking loudly etc. But despite this, there are still some rules or else casino etiquette that you need to be aware prior to starting to play online.

Be aware if gambling is legal in your country before registering at an online casino. If online gambling is legal in your country also be sure to read the online casino’s terms and conditions in case your country is marked as restricted.

Stick to a Budget you can Afford:

Even when playing at an online casino, you still need to stick to a budget and manage your gambling spending. You could for example, set a budget that is for gambling so that you know that once this runs out, you will stop.

Review Max Bets with Bonus:

Review a casino’s terms and conditions and bonus terms to become aware of maximum bet that you can place whilst playing with a bonus. Some might have 3EUR max bet and some might have 5EUR bet whilst playing a bonus. So be sure you read the terms to find the one with the best rules that suit your tactics.

Don’t’ Drink too Much :

Even when playing at an online casino, it is advisable that you do not drink too much. Mostly so that you can be in control of your gaming. It only takes one moment during which you could end up spending more that what you can afford to play.

Keep your Cool:

Be aware that casino games have a house edge and the house will in the majority of times end up winning. As in land based casinos so in online casinos it is important to keep your cool. Do not start shouting at the dealer or take it out to the casino’s support channels as it can end up getting you banned from live chat or even ban you from the casino itself. So despite being able to bet at the comfort your home, there are still some casino etiquette rules that need to be followed. Yes you do not have to worry about dressing up or smoking but you need to worry about terms and conditions, being calm, not drinking too much, managing your bankroll etc.

Do Not Create Multiple Accounts:

In an Online casino, you are required to register an account in order to start playing and in order to claim available promotion. Always remember that you can only register one account unless given permission by the online casino itself Creating multiple accounts can be seen as a move taken to claim more than once a bonus promotion, which could lead you getting banned and your account closed.