Kahnawake Licensed Casinos

4.8 rating
150% Bonus Up to 200EUR on your first deposit
4.8 rating
100% Bonus Up to 200EUR
4.8 rating
100% Bonus up to 250EUR
5.0 rating
100% bonus up to 400EUR based on first deposit of 20EUR
5.0 rating
100% up to 250EUR based on first deposit of 20EUR

Kawhnawake license is one of the first licenses that recognized the opportunities of online gaming and of Online Casinons.

Since the enactment of the it regulations concerning Interacitve gaming in 1999 it has since then effectively regulated interactive gaming almost longer than any other jurisdiction in the world.

Game Fairness Requirement:

To operate under the Khanawake license the online casino has to pass a game fairness requirement or otherwise pass a randomness requirement. This is accomplished when the online casino’s games are tested for their randomness by third party auditing firms such as Itech Labs and others.

Compliance Officers:

During the process is not only the games that are vetted for their fairness. A Khanawake compliance officer is assigned to ensure that the license applicants are up to their ethical standards.

This ensures that the potential casino operator and as a consequence the casino’s owner(s) are fair and professional when providing services to prospective players.

List of Licensees:

To avoid cases in which the casino might just copy paste a license insignia on their site the Khanawake gaming authority provides a list of licensees on their site. Online casinos will usually have a license insignia at the bottom of their site on which you can click and be redirected to the Khanawake gaming commissions site.

If this link for some reasons does not re-direct you to their site, then you can check the list of licensees on Khanwake Gaming Commissions site and verify that the casino is licensed.

Dispute Resolution:

Disputes might arise between a player and the casino operator for various reasons. And a requirement for receiving a Khanawake license is that you have in place a dispute resolution procedure to handle complaints.

The end goal of this requirement is that the players and casinos can reach fair resolution. Though most cases can be resolved between the players and the casinos some cases might require to be handled through other channels.

To this end, the Kahnawake  Gaming Commission can take steps to take your case and strive to find a fair resolution if such a resolution is required.