If you are a casino bonus hunter and hunt for the greatest casino bonuses online then you are in the right place. Hunt the best casino bonus offers. Bonus hunting is an activity that players used to try in order to beat the casinos and win money on the long run whilst playing with bonuses.

Who were considered as Casino bonus hunter:

A casino bonus hunter usually is a term given to players who strived to claim big bonuses, with low wagering and which have no restrictions on slot games. You can read more over low wagering bonuses here. The outcome was that players could for example play with a 100% bonus on games that have higher RTP’s of 98% such as Blood Suckers. Return to player (RTP) is calculated across thousands of spins but theoretically this means that you would as a player lose 2% for ever bet. The above would mean that the bonus would have a positive outcome in the long run as the wagering would be more likely to be met and also the possibility to make a profit.

Being a Casino Bonus Hunter is not the same NOW:

If you are a casino bonus hunter, you should be aware that this is not the same anymore. Online casinos are aware of this activity of relying on positive expected outcomes. This has led to some changes in which case the wagering requirements are higher and therefore not so easy anymore to be cleared. On top of this, most online casinos, being wary of casino bonus hunters have restricted playing with a bonus on games with high RTP. You will notice that the bonus terms of most online casinos have marked games that you are not allowed to play whilst playing with a bonus. Given the above, you should bear in mind that it can even be considered as irregular play with bonus which could also affect your winnings.

Just be a Hunter for the Best Casino Bonuses:

To keep it on the safe side and to assure that you enjoy your gaming to the fullest, it might be worthwhile to be a casino bonus hunter and hunt for the best bonuses that will extend your game play. For example, you can as a casino bonus hunter claim some relatively low wagering requirements bonuses starting from 35X to 50X, or even free spins offers with no wagering. Below you can find some of the greatest current casino welcome offers that you can claim upon your first deposit made to the respective casinos. Lets keep it fun and hope that lady luck is on our side.