Non Sticky Casino Bonus

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125% Non-Sticky Bonus Casinos + 60 Free Spins based on first deposit of 20EUR

A Non-sticky casino bonus is the best. The reason is that a non-sticky bonus, gives the player an extra advantage when they decide to cash out their winnings.

To find a casino offering a no sticky casino bonus is hard as there are not that many available. But we have made a list of online casinos the offer a non-sticky bonus, making it all easier for you.

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus:

A non-sticky casino bonus is not the usual type of bonus that you find in online casinos. To make this, clear you can read the example below.

Let say you just claimed a 100% bonus up to 100EUR on your deposit through a no sticky bonus casino site. This basically means that you received a 100EUR cash balance to play with and a 100EUR bonus balance.

If you win with your cash balance and you have not yet started playing with your bonus balance, you can basically just cancel the bonus and withdraw any winnings.

Many times you can find the bonus termed also as Parachute Bonus or Lifeline Bonus with all names basically meaning the same thing – Non Sticky Bonus.

This is a great deal compared to a sticky bonus.

Sticky Bonus:  If you have instead claimed a sticky bonus, this would be different. If you would have claimed a 100% sticky bonus with a deposit of 100EUR you would have to meet wagering requirements before withdrawing.

In essence you would have started contributing to wagering requirements from the start. This means that winnings derived from your cash balance would be tied until wagering requirements have been met. This could lead your winnings to be trimmed down whilst playing to meet the requirements.

Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Explained

As a player it is important that the different between a non-sticky bonus and a sticky bonus is understood and that you can recognise it when playing in an online casino.

One of the few ways to recognise a bonus type is by heading to an online casino and examining the casino’s bonus terms. When you notice that the terms mention along the following lines then you can be sure that it is a non-sticky bonus:

“Your deposited balance and winnings related to the deposited balance are not restricted by the wagering requirements and therefore can always be paid out”

Non-Sticky Bonus Vs Sticky-Bonus Difference:

The main difference between a non-sticky casino bonus and sticky-bonus is related to the cash out properties.

On the one hand you have a non-sticky bonus which allows you to withdraw if you have not yet started playing with the bonus funds. On the other, you have a sticky bonus in which as soon as you start playing your start contributing to the wagering requirements.

But a sticky bonus is not all that bad though. The reason is that due to that it comes with more risks to your funds, you might be able to find some huge bonus offers. For example if you notice that a bonus offer will give you 250% bonus for your deposit, it most likely is a sticky bonus. That means that you get more play time and more time to get to know the games.

So the following benefit from a non-sticky bonus:

  •  You can cash out if you have not started playing with the bonus balance

And the following is the benefit from a sticky-bonus:

  • You can find bonuses even as high as 250%-300%

Non-Sticky Casino Bonus OR Sticky-Bonus:

The choice about which casino bonus you claim is basically yours. If you prefer not to be restricted too much when withdrawing your winnings then we would definitely suggest to claim a non-sticky casino bonus. But if you prefer to play for longer time and just keep spinning then we would suggest to claim a sticky bonus.

Non-Sticky Casino Bonus is the Best:

A non-sticky casino bonus is in our opinion the best. We believe that it is fairer in that it gives you the chance to play with your deposit balance and withdraw without restrictions if you have not started playing with your bonus balance.

The reason is that you might have some winnings and if you have any winnings, you might end up seeing them dwindling down as you would need to fulfil the wagering requirements before withdrawing.

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