Advantage play in an online casino is when you follow a tactic which would increase your chances in winning on the games. Read further to find out more. You have most l likely have read stories online about players who have had their funds voided for reasons related to breach of bonus terms or bonus abuse. In case this is your first rodeo in an online casino, you might want to red further to find out more.

Advantage Play/Bonus Abuse in Online Casinos:

Advantage play or else bonus abuse usually refers to a tactic that a player takes to increase his chances of winning or to claim more bonuses allowed. This is not allowed and it runs the danger of having winnings related to such tactic voided. When reading a casino’s bonus terms, you would come across the following usual terms that are mentioned and which you are not allowed to breach:

  • Utilising or attempting to utilise a casinos currency conversion option to gain rewards in stronger currencies;
  • Colluding with others in order to take advantage of rewards and offers;
  • Opening multiple accounts to claim more than one time a bonus offer;
  • Betting above the maximum bet permitted with bonus;
  • Strategic Betting;

Utilising a Casino’s Currency Conversion option:  

Some casinos online offer their players the option to switch to a different currency. This gives you as a player the convenience of choosing a preferred currency that you would prefer to play with. The downside of this, is that some players might wish to use the conversion to their benefit and claim rewards in stronger benefits. This gives an extra added benefit to players which at first selected to weaker currency to play with and which tactic is not allowed to be used. So you should be very careful in such instances that you do not abuse the rules that the online casino has expressed to you upon registration. Utilising a casino’s currency conversion option is therefore not allowed.

Colluding with others to take advantage of offers:

When claiming bonuses in an online casino, the casino bonuses are intended to be claimed by an account holder for his/her entertainment. When a group of people forms a tactic to collude with each other and claim bonuses with the aim of collectively benefiting from it is a breach of some casinos terms. It would be better to just remain true to a casino’s fair play rules and bonus rules so as to be able to play without any hustle.

Opening Multiple Accounts:

Opening multiple accounts is not allowed in online casinos. A bonus is intended to be claimed only once per household, IP etc so when intentionally opening other accounts would be in breach of the terms and you would be considered as conducting bonus abuse. Some might have done it in the past and successfully tricked an online casino but the systems are more advanced and in such case you would be easily caught. The end result for opening multiple accounts to claim a bonus offer more than once would be to have your winnings and bonus voided. This is something that no one likes, especially when you have a good run on slots and manage to gain some great winnings.

Betting Above the Maximum bet Permitted with Bonus:

Betting with higher betting amount is logical that would bring you higher returns when spinning the reels of slot games. For this reason, when you are playing with bonus money, which in essence is money that is given to you by an online casino the casino would want to make winnings a bit harder for you. This is normal, as the casino would want to minimise the risk of you winning greatly and so that it can continue maintaining its profits. This is why usually online casinos have placed a rule stating a maximum betting amount that you are allowed to bet when playing with a bonus. Always have this in mind when you claim a bonus from a casino. There are different rules on max bets allowed by casinos so always be mindful of the house rules. For example, some casinos might simply state that the maximum bet whilst playing with a bonus is 5EUR. Others might even make it more complicated.

Strategic Betting in a Casino:

You might have seen some movies online around how people have used strategies such as counting cards or using strategies such as Martingale in order to increase their chances of winning. These strategies are not allowed when playing in an online casino. As is the case when you play even in a mortar casino. When you gain winnings through strategic betting and you request  withdrawal, this would be of course noticed as your withdrawal undergoes a game play check. This is essence means that the game logs, would be reviewed by the casino before allowing the withdrawal to be sent to you, in which case this would be picked up and your winnings would be liable to be voided.