How to withdraw a casino bonus is a question that some new players ask when they have winnings from a bonus. It is a question that players ask when they hit a nice juicy win on the casino games, whilst still having to meet wagering requirements and still have a bonus balance.

In short, you cannot withdraw a casino bonus and in this article we will explain why. We will do so by explaining first what is a casino bonus, what are some of the requirements that  you need to meet whilst playing with a bonus and going over some types of casino bonuses that you might come across.

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What is a Casino Bonus ?

A casino bonus simply put is an offer that an online casino makes to its players which will give them more for their money and commitment. This can be in the form of a deposit bonus in cash or in the form of free spins. Both are considered casino bonuses but which at times have different requirements that need to be met in terms of wagering requirements or in terms of the amount that you can withdraw from them. In this article the we will strive to answer the posed question – how can you withdraw a casino bonus – focusing on a deposit bonus given as bonus money.

As you might notice so far from the above explanation a casino bonus, be it a bonus in cash or free spins have requirements or at times even limits. The limits related to the amount that you can withdraw. The reason for the requirements is specifically due to that, no casino will simply just and out money to players free. Online casinos offer a service through which they wish to derive a profit and handing free money to players without requirements, does not add to their interest in making a profit. In the case of bonus money, the most common requirement are wagering requirements which you need to fulfil prior to requesting a withdrawal.

What are Wagering Requirements:

Casino bonus wagering requirements are an amount that you need to wager prior to requesting a withdrawal of any winnings that you make, whilst playing with a bonus. As previously mentioned online casinos, do not simply hand out free money to players as they would not stand to make a profit from such an approach. The players would in this case most likely withdraw the casino bonus plus their deposit and leave.

So when you claim a casino bonus via a deposit or with no deposit there are always wagering requirements that need to be met, prior to making a withdrawal. Lets say you deposited 100EUR and claimed a 100% bonus which has a wagering requirement of 35X. This will give you 100EUR bonus money and you will also have the 100EUR deposit that you made, which is you money. The total would be 200EUR that you could play on casino games of which 100EUR are bonus money, given by the online casino.

The wagering requirement in the above case would mean that you would need to wager 35X the bonus amount, prior to requesting a withdrawal. This is to say that if you have any winnings derived whilst playing with the bonus, you would have need to meet the condition of wagering 35X the bonus money of 100EUR which equals 3500EUR. Once you have met this requirement, you would be able to request a withdrawal of your winnings right away.

Given the intention of casinos to make a profit and for that reason applying wagering requirements for bonus money, this kind of helps you answer the question of how to withdraw a casino bonus. Simply put, having these intentions in mind and the forces to make a profit, a you cannot withdraw a casino bonus and the next section will clarify this even further.

Casino Bonus is Forfeited on Withdrawals:

This section’s title is pretty self-explanatory and it is the most common clause that appears on a casino’s terms and casinos when it comes to withdrawing winnings and what happens to a remaining casino bonus. As previously explained, casinos are not in the business to give free money but to make a profit and this clarifies if you can withdraw a casino bonus.

Most online casinos, in their terms and conditions and bonus terms will have something along the lines stating that any remaining casino bonus will be forfeited upon withdrawal. So there is not really a way through which you can withdraw a casino bonus which basically directly answers the question as to how to withdraw a casino bonus. You can basically withdraw winnings you receive whilst playing with a bonus, minus the remaining bonus balance, given that the wagering requirements have been met.

What about Free Spins?

When it comes to free spins, even though these are a type of a bonus which give you as a player more for your money and commitment these work differently. Free spins work differently from a casino bonus money in the sense that free spins are not bonus money. These are in essence a set number of spins that you purchase with a deposit or no deposit on a specific game. So there are no direct wagering requirements applied to them in the same way as it is being done with casino bonus money. But instead if there are to be any wagering requirements as such, these would be tied on the winnings derived from the free spins.

In a situation in which free spins have wagering requirements, these are basically applied to the winnings that you receive from the free spins. In such a case, say you win 100EUR from free spins the 100EUR would convert to a bonus which you need to wager a set amount of times, prior to requesting a withdrawal. On this stage the process is the same as the process that we explained previously on this article. You wager the winnings the set number of times and you withdraw winnings, minus the bonus amount given that you have met the wagering requirement.

But thankfully in the case of free spins casino bonuses, there are not always wagering requirements on free spins – free spins without wagering requirements. Instead some casinos will just place a limit on how much you can withdraw from winnings derived from free spin casino bonuses. For example, if free spins as per the terms have a max withdrawal of 250EUR and you win 350EUR, the 100EUR in excess will be removed upon your request to withdraw.

How to Withdraw your Winnings?

It is understandable at a moment when a good win appears to quickly strive to withdraw the winnings and ask question such as how to withdraw a casino bonus. But as you might understand by reading this article, due to the interest of casinos to make a profit a casino bonus cannot be withdrawn. The correct question instead becomes how to withdraw your winnings after you derive winnings, whilst playing with a bonus.

The good thing is that in case you have winnings, you can always find answers to your queries from a casino itself. You can do so by joining their live chat, sending a quick email or even phoning, if their support service provides this channel of communication.


Questions such as how to withdraw a casino bonus are logical to arise when you hit a good win for the first time at an online casino. It might be your first time at an online casino, you get a juicy win and you quickly want to withdraw your winnings.

As you understand now, a casino is in the business to make profit and this means that it is not in their interest to give free money without requirements. Thus, casino bonuses come with requirements in the form of wagering requirements that you need to meet prior to withdrawing. And if there is a remaining bonus balance on your account, you will forfeit it when you request a withdrawal of the winnings as most commonly stated on the terms and casinos of all online casinos. The question of how to withdraw a casino bonus therefore changes to how to withdraw casino bonus winnings instead.

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