At this point in time quite many people use virtual private networks to browse the internet anonymously and keep their details safe. A vpn can also beused to make it look like you are somewhere in the world that you are not. This is especially useful for gamblers  who strive to play at online casinos which restrict players from a specific country from gambling.

There are various reasons why online casinos restrict gambling from specific countries (i.e regulated market) which can raise questions. Questions such as Is gambling with vpn in online casinos illegal or if the practice of gambling with vpn should be avoided. This is the question that this article will strive to answer.

To this end, this article will be covering the basics of using a VPN, the legality of its use and how the law could apply to gambling in online casinos with vpn.

What is a VPN and How Does it Work ?

A previously stated vpn stands for virtual private network which in essence offers you an extra layer of security when browsing online. It gives you an extra layer of security in terms of your privacy and a layer of protection against cyber criminals to all your dealings online.

Whether you are browsing via your home internet on your own network, at work or in a public network, a vpn disguises your traffic from the internet provider you use. On the other hand, a vpn gives you an extra layer of protection against cyber criminals such as hackers who strive to steal your personal details.

When you normally access the internet you are accessing it through an un-secure connection which criminals can use to their advantage. Hackers that want to steal your financial or personal details can trace the connection back to your IP address. But when you are using a vpn you are in essence accessing the internet from a server located in another city or country reducing the risks of someone stealing your personal details.

The last part is a pretty important reason for why someone would want to use a vpn when gambling in an online casino. This is that it gives the idea to the site that you are accessing that you are accessing it from a different place from where you actually are.

This is pretty useful if you are trying to gain access restricted content from a country where they do not allow access to. If you are playing France and you are trying to access content which is restricted to you, a vpn would give the site the idea that you are elsewhere (such as Austria) and enable you to gain access.

A VPN spoofs your location when gambling

Online gambling sites take security already seriously and even though a vpn is useful, you do not really required to protect your activities online. All Online casinos use SSL technology to encrypt information which you exchange in an online casino environment. Most gambling sites use the highest level of SSL available so you do not really need vpn even though you can use for an extra layer of protection.

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But the real benefit for gambling in online casinos with vpn is to gain access to sites which would under normal circumstances not be available for you – or your country. For example, imagine that you live in France and you wish to play at UK online casinos. UK is a regulated market which allows gambling only from UK so when you try to access it you will be informed that the site is not available to be used from France or your country.

A vpn has the property as previously mentioned to mask your true location and give the idea that you are accesing a site from another country. So in the above scenario, you could for example you could set your location to show that you are in UK and gain access to the UK casino site.

Some reasons why a VPN might be useful for gambling in an online casino is that you get to benefit from the following benefits:

  • You could claim bonuses and jackpots that are unavailable for you in your country;
  • You could play on games from game providers that are unavailable for your country;

But at this stage you might be asking yourself if gambling with a VPN in such a way is illegal. For example, would the use of vpn in the case of UK as above be considered illegal and could there be any legal repercussions. This will be the topic of the next section .

Most Countries Allow the Use of VPN:

Virtual private networks are allowed to be used by residents of most of the countries and usually governments do not have an issue with people wanting to protect themselves online. This is not the same though in all countries but nearly all countries allow for the use of VPN by their residents.

For example, countries such as, China, Oman Russia ae among the countries in which use of VPN by their residents is not allowed. Using a vpn in the above countries is prohibited and it is a criminal offence.

If the use of vpn is considered a suspicious activity by a said country, such as the above ones even online service providers have an obligation if needed to report what are considered suspicious activity. In such a case it would be false to believe that a vpn provider would cover for you if a government queries over a belief that you are breaching the law.

When Gambling is Illegal it simply is illegal:

The answer to the question if gambling in online casinos using a vpn is illegal is slightly complicated. If you are aware which countries consider the use of vpn as legal it only answers half of the question really.

One of the first things to consider before answering the question is to consider if you are living in a country where it is legal to gamble online. As a consequence it is important for you to have an account in a country where it is legal for that company. In brief, if a country allows you to gamble online and as long as your country allows for the use of a virtual private network, you are not breaking the law by gambling. In this case it could just be an instance in which you are seeking for an extra layer of security.

However, certain countries with regulated markets such as UK and Italy do not allow the rest of the world to use their legal and regulated sites. The same goes for sites that are regulated under the Swedish license. So in this instance you cannot really legally use the regulated by the respective license websites by the use of virtual private network.

Despite it being illegal though, using a vpn to circumvent gambling laws and access a site to gamble will not get you arrested. This is of course as long as the country that you are residing in is allows you to use a vpn.

Casinos will Confiscate your Funds:

As previously mentioned, though it would be illegal to use vpn to circumvent gambling laws and gain access to a site, it will not really result in imprisonment or legal repercussions. But the site might take actions againt you according to their terms and conditions including confiscating your funds and closing your account with them.

By having a quick read through the terms and conditions of an online casino, you will come across of statements such as casinos having the right to confiscate your funds for violating their terms and conditions. Circumventing country restrictions which are part of a casino’s terms and conditions by the use of vpn, is basically a violation of the casino’s rules.

When a violation as such is found by a casino operator the casino would usually confiscate your winnings and close your account.  In some occasions, if a casino deems it, it can also make a decision to return your deposits and then close your account. In the case of the latter, it would really depend on the online casino itself. If they find that you are gambling in a way that violates the terms and conditions, they have a right to confiscate your funds. It is worth to mention, that it is your responsibility to read through the terms and conditions of an online casino, which are also presented upon registering an account.

Should you Gamble by Using a VPN ?

In short our advise, would be not to use a vpn to circumvent country restrictions that would violate the terms and conditions of an online casino. This is at least our belief since a casino can confiscate your winnings and close your casino account. If you wish to take the risk for the sake of gambling in an online casino where your country is restricted as per a casino’s terms and conditions, at least you would not be arrested in most cases.

So to say, at least you should make sure that the use of vpn in your country is allowed, as is the case of Russia, China or Oman. But the underlying worry in this instance if your country allows the use of vpn and you circumvent country restrictions, is that your funds might be confiscated and your account closed.

If you are playing from a country that is not restricted by a casino’s terms and conditions, or the vpn is not prohibited by your country, the use of vpn to provide an extra layer of security, would be fine. But know that the use of vpn in either this case is not really needed. This is due to that most casinos sites use a SSL technology which encrypts information that you exchange.

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