Did you know that there are slots with multiplier trails in which each consecutive win increases the multiplier value and also your winnings ? Read and fine out what are multiplier trails on slot games and where to find them.

Slots with multiplier trailers is a specific type of online slots with multipliers but on which you can have some great fun and even boost up your winnings.

What are Multiplier Trails on Slots?

Multiplier trails on slots is in essence a trail consecutive winnings in which each win leads to an increase of the games multiplier which multiplies your win. You will mostly find multiplier trails in what are grid slots or cluster pay slots or then again in slots which have the avalanche feature.

How do Multiplier Trails Work?

So we know that multiplier trails are basically multipliers that increase after each consecutive win achieved. This multiplier multiplies your winnings and boost your current casino balance.

For example, lets say you are playing the slot game Gonzo’s Quest and you manage to form a winning combination of 3 matching symbols. The symbols that are part of the winning combination are replaced, the games multiplier increases and a new batch of symbols replaces them. If another winning combination is formed, your winnings are multiplied and again results in the multiplier increasing and the symbols to be replaced.

In essence when a slot game features a multiplier trail, it means that the more consecutive wins you achieve the more rewards you will be getting. This can prove to be  a pretty thrilling and lucrative experience if you happen to be happy and hit some good winning combinations accompanied by a high multiplier.

How High can the Multiplier Be?

The multiplier trail and its multiplier value depends on the game itself. This means that where one game can have a max of 10X multiplier at the last stage of its trail, others might still have even higher multiplier at the last stage of its trail.

Simply put the multiplier trail and the level depend on the slot itself and this information can always be viewed, via the game’s paytable. Gonzo’s Quest for example goes up to 5X during base game and up to 15X during the free games or else free spins.

If you would consider playing for example on the game Yak Yeti and Roll the multiplier trail on the game is different. You can start from a 1X and reach up to 200X multiplier which can dramatically increase your winnings. And throughout your journey to reap those great rewards you enable other game features such as cascade multipliers and free spins making the game more thrilling.

Are they Worth It ?

Are slot games that feature multiplier trails worth it to play on. Well it would depend on the player itself and if this feature is something that would be of interest. If you are a player that likes a slot game that more simple then it might not be for you. But if you are a player that enjoys to watch winnings being multiplied during the game play and also reap of other game features then this be right for you.

Another factor that is interesting about these type of slots is that the multiplier can reach so high as in the case of Yak Yeti and Roll which will boost your winnings to sky high limits. When you could have your winnings multiplied by 200X that something great and can end up with you reaping some really great rewards.

Base Game Vs Bonus Game

Some slots that have a multiplier trail might have a multiplier that is applied on every consecutive win during the base game and bonus. Sometimes the multiplier trail leads to a lower multiplier in the base game than on the bonus game.

For example, on the game Gonzo’s Quest during the base game you can reach up to a multiplier of X5 when forming consecutive wins during the base game. But you can reach up to a multiplier of 15X when forming consecutive wins during the bonus game.

On some some other games though such as Diamond Inferno, you need to fulfill some extra requirements before a multiplier trail is revealed. For example on the game Diamond Inferno you start with payable area of 5-reels, 3-rows and every consecutive win increases the payable area. Every consecutive win expands the reels and also the payable area. Once the payable area reaches 5-reels and 6-rows you trigger the multiplier trail.  At this stage, every consecutive win increases the multiplier by x2, x3, x5 or x10.

So as you notice, each slot game is unique when it comes to how the multiplier trail functions. Due to that game providers such as Netent, Microgaming, Betsoft trying to make their unique it would be advisable to familiarise over the game features, through the respective game’s pay-table.

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