When paying in online casinos casinos you come across free spins with deposit and also with no deposit. Depending on the online casino that you are registered with, you can also find different types of free spins. You can find super spins, mega spins, free spins with wagering requirements and also free spins without wagering requirements.

The abundance of casinos in the internet has created a rough competition resulting in online casinos finding new ways to attract players. This has contributed to the need to redefine. You can find different types of free spins on the following casinos if you wish to have a look. You can also read further to find out more about the different types of free spins.

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What are Free Spins?

Free spins are basically free rounds that are given to players on slot games. These are given to new and old players alike as an incentive to register an account, for your loyalty to the casino or as part of a promotion to try a new game that was released. You can even get free spins on slot games as part of their in game bonus round.

So as you might have noticed, free spins are nearly everywhere when you talk about online casinos. And add on top that you can get free spins with a deposit – if a promotion is available – or no deposit free spins that do not require a deposit.  But you are in the right place, since in this article we will explain all instances in which you can come across free spins in an online casino.

Free Spins With Deposit:

When you first time come across the word free spins you might think that it does not make sense to call it free spins if it requires a deposit to be made. But then again, it kind of makes sense. You might for example come across from time to time with a first time deposit offer when you register an account to a casino to deposit and you would get an X amount of free spins. The free spins would in this case be added as an extra benefit for registering your account and making your first deposit. Sort of like a welcome offer for you to wish you welcome.

free spins with deposit

At times you might even find a free spins offer combined with a bonus in which case you would get a bonus and also free spins. And then again if you have been a loyal player in an online casino and made a good amount of deposits, the casino might give you as a good will gesture free spins to play with on the games.

So above you might have identified already some instances in which you would be able to claim free spins with deposit. To make it more clear the instances  were you would find free spins with deposit have been listed below:

Welcome Offer Free Spins with Deposit:

Online casinos as an attempt to attract new players, have created special offers for just these occasions. Welcome offer free spins with deposit are free spins that are offered as a batch for the first deposit you make to an online casino or as a combination with a bonus. You can view some some of suggested welcome offer free spins with deposit on our Malta licensed casinos section.

For example, after you have registered an account in an online casino you can make a deposit to claim as its usual a welcome offer. The welcome offer will usually include the following.

Free spins (Can include from 50 – 100+ Free spins)

Free spins + Bonus Money (50 – 100+ Free spins plus Bonus Money)

Loyalty Free Spins:

This we have named as loyalty free spins as these types of free spins are credited to your player account – either by request or automatically for your loyalty to the casino. By loyalty to the online casino, we of course mean the volume of deposits made in a given number of days.

Online casinos would usually give free spins for the deposits made as part of a good will gesture for your loyalty. The more loyal you are, the more free spins or even bonus money you can get as a good will gesture from an online casino. It is kind of logical and that his one of the reasons why you would see that casinos house loyalty programs for VIP players.

Super Spins and Mega Spins:

Super Spins and Mega Spins some would say are a different type of free spins but in essence these are free spins with a higher bet value. A free spin for example that is given to you for the deposits made might have a bet value of 0.10 or 0.20. But this is not the case with Super Spins and Mega Spins.

Both Super Spins and Mega Spins have higher bet per spin value which is fantastically more beneficial for you as a player. The reason in simple terms is that it gives you the chance to win higher amounts. Its logical, the higher the bet value per spin the higher the potential win from a given spin.

Super Spins Values: Super spins basically are free spins with an increased bet per spin value. When you claim super spins the bet value per spin would be 0.50EUR which can bring you higher winnings. Most kick for your buck.

Mega Spins Values: Mega Spins similarly is again free spins with a higher than free spins and super spins bet per spin value. Mega Spins bet value you would come across it being 1EUR which can bring you an amazing kick for you buck.

Both Super Spins and Mega Spins can be claimed on your first deposit that you make to a selected casino offering them or as part of a casino promotion.

A casino that you can claim Super Spins as part of your first deposit that you make is AHTIGames


A casino that you can claim Mega Spins as part of your first deposit that you make is EUCasino.


Free Spins with No Deposit:

As previously mentioned, when searching for online casinos you can from time to time come across free spins with no deposit. Usually these will be part of your registration and with there is no need for a deposit. Basically a true free spins with no deposit offer. The only requirement to claim these free spins, would be to just simply register an account with the respective online casino.

free spins with no deposit

Free spins with no deposit would in this sense be another way to welcome to a casino or else you can call it another way to lure you in registering an account. The benefit of free spins with no deposit is that you get free rounds to play in slot games with a chance to win real money. So if you are tired of playing on demo or otherwise practice more on slot games, you would be glad to know that free spins with no deposit are an option if you wish to try your luck for real.

There are not many online casinos giving free spins with no deposit but gladly there are still some casinos that are giving them out to newly registered players. The rules are simple, register an account and you get free spins to play.

Some of the most renowned online casinos giving out free spins for simply registering an account include the following.

LuckyDino Online Casino;

CasinoJefe Online Casino

Bitstarz Online Casino;

Free Spins with no deposit on Slot Games:

For players that have not yet tried playing on slot games, it is worth mentioning that you can find free spins with no deposit on slot games. Free spins are something really well known in online casinos and these are also part of in game bonuses that slot games award when you land the required symbols on the reels.

Usually when playing on slots, at least nowadays there is always a free spins round that you can trigger and it does not require a deposit. It just requires you to land specific symbols on the reels which then results in awarding you free spins which you can play to boost your winnings. The traditional requirement to trigger free spins on slot games is to land either three scatters or three specifically noted free spin symbols on the reels forming a winning combination. For example as shown below:

Scatter + Scatter + Scatter = 10 Free spins

Free spins + Free spins + free spins = 10 free spins

It would depend on the slot game itself which type of symbol is embedded on the game itself and required to form a winning combination to trigger free spins. This you would be able to review it in the slot games pay-table. All slot games have a pay-table that you can view to see what special characteristics your chosen slot game hides.

But, if you are searching for an easier way to which slot games offer free spins as part of their in game features then be sure to view AHTIGames and PlayOJO. These two online casinos have made everything possible to make it easy for their players to find slot games based on their features. Once you land on the respective online casino sites and click on slots it will enable a slot feature section on the site which will allow you find sots based on their features. Free spins is part of the features which you can click and right after you will see all slot games appearing on the site which have a free spins feature as part of them.

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