Slots have a minimum and max bet that you spin with. Max bet is the maximum that you can bet on a given spin and the min is the minimum.

Not all slot games have the same max bet or the same min bet that you can bet on a given spin.

What the max and Min bet are really about:

The max bet that you can place on a given spins is specific to the slot game that you are playing on. The same applies to the minimum bet.

So lets say that you started playing on the game Blood suckers the max bet that you can place on a given spin is 20EUR. But if you start playing on the game the Angler you will notice that the max bet can be 100EUR. Quite a start difference on the amount that you can spin on a given spin.

The same applies when it comes to the minimum bet. Some will allow bet with an amount as low as 0.10EUR and some will allow you to bet with an amount min 0.20EUR.

These are different attributes that slot games have and which are specific to the game.

Be aware of the Max Bet on Slots:

When you first time start playing on slots it would be advisable to be aware that the max bet is usually located next to the spin button.

The close proximity sometimes can place you in a dire situation in which you end up by mistake clicking the max bet button. In this case, you could end up playing with a betting amount that will use a big part of your bank roll or even zero it down.

The Benefits of Max Bet on Slots:

The higher the betting amount the higher the return from a given spin. So by this token, the higher the game allows you to bet the higher you could expect your returns to be. This is a simple explanation even though other factors as well play a role in this for example the games variance – if it is a high variance slot game. The higher the risk if you are lucky you can win a higher amount.

So when you are searching for a game that you wish to have a high return, then games that allow higher betting amounts can offer this.


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