Slot Games are not anymore as simple as they were in the past. Modern slot games include rich game features that can provide a thrilling gaming experience.

Knowing the features that modern slot games house is in your benefit. Modern slots includes features that are not limited to the following.

  • Win Both Ways;
  • Cascading Reels;
  • Gamble Feature;
  • Various Wild Features;
  • Various Bonus Features;
  • Different pay lines;

Win Both Ways Feature:

You might have already played on some slot games without realising that the game is a win both ways slot game. Win both ways is basically the direction on which a winning combination is formed.

Usually slot games let you know that they pay from left to right or from right to left. On the former instance, you can form winning combinations from the left to the right and the on the latter you can form winning combinations from right to the left. This is shown as well below:

A + A + A = Left to Right

A + A + A = Right to Left

In the case of a slot game which would pay both ways it simply means that it allows you to form winning combinations from left to right and from right to left. This is something beneficial for you as it can give you a chance to form winnings combinations from both directions.

Cascading Reels Feature:

Cascading reels is basically just an alternative appearance on how the slot games work. Specifically how the reels functions. So instead of the reels spinning which is the traditional function, the icons which are part of a winning combination explode or disappear and a new set of symbols falls or otherwise cascade down to the reels. This process continues as long as winning combinations are formed and in essence it gives you more chances to form winning combinations. Popular games with Cascading reels include Yak, Yeti and Roll.

Cascading Reels with Multiplier:

You will be amazed that some slot games not only include a cascading reels function in which symbols that are part of a winning combination disappear and are replaced by a new batch of symbols. Some slot games with cascading reels also include a multiplier which increases with every new cascade and can start from 1X and go up to 4X. In some slots, you can even reach higher multipliers which means that you can get higher returns from one single bet. The previously mentioned slot game Yak, Yeti and Roll for example includes cascading reels and also a multiplier.

Gamble Feature:

The gamble feature which you can find on slots is basically a risk game which allows you to double your winnings by playing a coin toss game or a simple card game in which you need to beat the dealer.

So lets say you win 100EUR and you wish to double the amount. You can click on the gamble feature and play a coin toss game in which you have to predict the outcome – heads or tails. If you predict correctly your winnings are doubled. So your 100EUR becomes 200EUR. But if you loose then your winnings are lost. Quite a cool feature if you are a risk taker and are looking for a way to double your winnings by taking a risk.

Some notable slot games that have a gamble feature include the following:

Various Slot Game Wild Features:

Wild symbols are featured on most slot games but there is a variability as to their types and how these Work. Some slot games have normal Wild symbols, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Overlay Wilds, Wilds with multiplier or even a Sticky Wild with Multiplier.

Normal Wild substitutions:

Most slot games will include normal Wild substitutions. This basically means that when a Wild symbol lands on the reels, it will substitute for other game symbols and assist you in forming winning combinations.

So lets say you land symbols and you are missing a third symbol in order to form winning combination depicted below.

A + A + X 

So in the above case a Wild symbol can assist you in forming a winning combination by taking the place of the third required symbols as follows:

A + A + Wild

This is the function of a simple Wild symbol, which is to substitute for other game symbols, allowing you to form winning combinations. But then you get other types of Wilds as well depending on the game that you play on.

Sticky Wilds Feature:

Sticky Wilds is another type of a Wild symbol which allows you to similarly form winning combinations but on top it will stick for a set amount of spins on the reels.

To be more exact some games will allow you to land Sticky Wilds which will have a countdown on them for how many spins they will remain on the reels. For example, if you land a Wild symbols with a countdown of X3 on the symbol, it will remain on the reels for 3 rounds. This will in essence allow you to look forth for another 3 rounds during which you can form winning combinations with the assist of the Sticky Wild.

Some notable slot games which feature sticky wilds include the following:

Expanding Wilds Feature:

The expanding Wilds which you can land on certain slot games has a unique but rather thrilling function which as the name implies, it expands. When you form a winning combination in this case the Wild symbol will expand to cover the entire reel which will also give you chances to form more winning combinations.

A quite thrilling feature that some slot games have and from which you can be thrilled.

Overlay Wilds Feature:

You can also come across some games which offer Overlay Wilds which are usually themed around the slots theme. The Wild symbol in this instance will land stacked and in certain shape on the reels.

The shape of an overlay Wild can be fully appearing on the reels – covering the maximum number of symbols as per its shape – but it can also appear partially on the reels. This type of a Wild assist you to have multiple points through which you can form winning combinations and assist you in boosting your bank roll.

Some notable games that feature this type of a Wild include Netent’s Guns n roses slot game in which case the Overlay Wild is a giant cross.

Wilds With Multipliers Feature:

You can also get in some games a normal Wild symbol which as a benefit multiplies your winnings. So when the Wild symbol assists you in forming a winning combination which is a benefit for you, you also get an added benefit of having your winnings multiplied.

So in a given spin which you managed to form a winning combination with a Wild symbol it might be that your winnings are multiplied by 2X, 3X or even 5X. This depends on the game rules but it is quite a wonderful function to have when playing on slots. A game featuring Wilds with multipliers include Drive Multiplier Mayhem.

Sticky Wilds With Multipliers:

But yet again you can get even sticky Wilds with a multiplier in which case you get the benefit of having the Wild sticking on the reels and also multiplying your winnings.

So in this feature, you will have the opportunity to land Wilds that land on the reels and which will stick on the reels for an X amount of spins. On top any winnings derived from the sticky Wild will be multiplied by 2X, 3X or another multiplier which is specific to the game.

Various Bonus Features on Slot Games:

The various types of Wilds that are featured on slot games are also matched by various bonus features that games have. So you would get slots that have a pick me up bonus, Free Spins or even Progressive Jackpot bonus games.

A bonus feature is triggered on slots when you usually land 3 or more Scatters or when you land a bonus symbol.

Pick To Win Bonus Feature:

The pick to win bonus feature once triggered is quite straightforward. The task of this bonus game is for you to click and reveal a large number of coins or in some instances award you with a stacked amount multiplier.

Since most slots are themed the bonus feature will also be usually themed around the general theme. If the slot game is about vampires then the bonus feature can be that you need to click on caskets to reveal mummies/zombies in which each award a set prize. A game fitting this theme would be for example Blood suckers by Netent.

Free Spins Feature:

One of the most common bonus features that you will get on most games is the free spins feature which is similarly awarded when you land 3 or more Scatter symbols or Free spins symbols.

Slot games will usually award from 5 up to even 50 free spins that you can spin and try your luck in increasing your bank roll.

Free Spins Feature with Multiplier:

Some slots with free spins feature can also come with a multiplier in which case any winnings derived from the free spins round will be multiplied a certain amount of times. Some notable slot games that include this function that you can have a look on are the following.

Free Spins Re-Trigger:

Some slot games offer you the chance to trigger more free spins during the free spins round that you have trigged. For example, whilst you are playing with the 10 free spins that you were awarded from the base game by landing 3 Scatter symbols, if you land 3 scatters during the free spins round you can re-trigger another batch which could boost your winnings.

A recent game release which gives you the chance to re-trigger free spins during the free spins round is Book of Atem by Microgaming.

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