Wilds come with different functions and shapes. Overlay Wilds are again a different Wild symbol with a different function and also shape. Lets see what they are and outline some of their benefits.

Lets remind our selves first what a Wild symbol is:

A Wild symbol is a symbol which once it lands on the reels of a slot game will substitute for other game symbols and assist you in forming winning combinations.

For example, if you landed two A symbols then the Wild symbol can take the place of the third A symbols allowing you to form a winning combination as follows:

A + A + W

An overlay has the above mentioned function but has a lot more to offer.

What is an Overlay Wild?

An overlay Wild appears stacked on the reels taking a certain amount of spaces based on its shape.  Stacked Wilds appear stacked on the reels as well but these are somewhat different as these do not have a predetermined shape.

One of the most well-known examples  of an overlay Wild is the Wild feature on the game Guns and Roses produced by Netent. The overlay Wild is depicted by a giant cross with the band members being part of the symbols.

how do overlay wilds look like

How does an Overlay Work:

As mentioned above, the overlay Wild has a predetermined shape and it lands as such on the reels. It can land partially or fully on the reels.

Once it lands, the mere nature of it which is shaped can allow you to reach other parts of the reels assisting you to form winning combinations.

The giant cross overlay on the Guns and Roses game can take up to 5 symbols over the reels if it lands fully. The amount of symbols that it can take depends if it lands fully or partially.

If it lands fully then you have 5 symbols that spread across the reels which will assist you in forming winning combinations. This is a benefit that can be clearly realised.


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