Some casinos have a point system in place that determines your tier in the casino or otherwise your status. Tier points allow you to progress and gain benefits.

What are Casino Tier Points?

Casino tier points are points that you need to gather in order to move upwards a tier or otherwise a status.

The general rule is that the more bets on real money you make, the more points you gather so that you automatically move upwards a tier.

What are tiers and Statuses?

Tiers and status is one of the same. The more you wager in real money the more you progress in terms of a tier or status. Both mean the same.

Some casinos will have tiers such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Red Diamond etc. And then some casinos will have the tiers mentioned in a way fitting the casinos theme. For example, GunsBet – a western themed casino – has its tiers mentioned as status Lasso, Revolver, Rifle, MachineGun, Dynamite, Bazooka and War Cannon.

So as you can see casino tiers and statuses are one of the same and can also be mentioned in a way to fit the casinos respective theme.

Benefits of Casino tier points:

The benefits of casino tier points is that the more you wager on real money the more points you gather to move towards a better tier or status. Moving upwards tiers means also that you receive more benefits such as more valuable bonuses, level up bonuses, special monthly bonuses offers and even a personal VIP manager.

SlotsMagic for example depending on the tier that you have reached offers, Level up bonuses, level maintenance bonus, special monthly bonus offer, promotions calendar, faster payouts, special promotions, VIP manager and even a birthday bonus.

In GunsBet for example the higher the level you reach the more valuable bonuses you receive either in free spins or even bonus or both together. On top GunsBet allows you to exchange tier points for real money and each level comes with a better exchange rate.









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