Casino Play History and How to Calculate your Hit Rate

When playing in an online casino you sometimes want to know your casino play history and more specifically what is a slot game’s hit rate.

Being given the option from an online casino to track your play history is quite beneficial for you. Before dwelling over the reasons lets explain what is a play history.

What is a Play History?

A play history in an online casino is all the bets or wagers placed on games provided in an online casino. This includes bets placed on table games, slot games etc.

If for example you played 50 bets in total on black jack and a slot game, the play history will be all the bets you placed between the games, including winnings paid out from the game.

Some casinos such as the ones below give you the option to view your play history. Having this option comes with benefits for you as a player.

Why to track your Play History?

One of the best parts of being able to track your play history is that it allows you to view the times that you won and the times that you lost. You basically get an overall picture of how you personally faired on a specific slot game such as Dead or Alive, Blood Suckers or any other game.

On the other hand, this can provide you with a chance to verify a payout from a game but which you are not sure of.

Basically, being able to track your game activity or otherwise your bet history will help you evaluate a game. If a specific slot game does not hit winning combinations as often as you wish but instead is full off dead spins it might not be fun for you. This can help you verify it and allow you to make a reasoned choice and change to a different slot game for example.

The amount of winning combinations or otherwise hits is sometimes called hit rate. This is the frequency that you manage to hit a winning combination.

Play History and Hit Rate:

A progress on a specific slot game can be derived from the above mentioned hit rate. Play history can provide you with information to calculate a game’s hit rate and allow you to measure how often a slot game paid you out so far.

The information that you need to measure a game’s hit rate are the following:

  • Number of Bets placed
  • Number of bets you had winnings from

Calculating Hit Rate from Play History:

To calculate hit rate from a play history lets set an example. Let’s say you made 50 spins on the game Dead or Alive and you won 30 times out of the 50 bets placed. To calculate the hit rate you should have the following formula:

Number of bets you had winnings from / Number of bets placed * 100 =

In the above example the formula would be as follows:

30/50 * 100 = 60%

When checking via the play history provided by an online casino to you, you can derive with the help of the formula that the hit rate of the game so far is 60%. This means that the game thus far has paid out 60% of the time.










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