High Variance Slot Games

High variance slot games are popular for players who are out to win the bigger prizes. They pay out rarely but when they pay out the winnings are far greater. This contrary to low variance slot games that frequently payout winnings that are not as great.

What are High Variance Slots Games?

High variance slot games are slots that might not payout often during your gameplay and you might be playing on the game for long without any win. But when you do get a win, you have the chance of getting a far greater win. If  you have a large bank roll to play with on a high variance slot the more are the chances that you get the bigger prizes. As a consequence, these are slots that are mostly preferred by high rollers or ones that have a large bank roll.

Identifying High Variance Slot Games:

To Identify High variance slot games can be hard and at times requiring that you spend some time playing the game. But this can be speeded up by looking over other indicators as well.

Below are some ways through which you can Identify high variance slots:

  • You can play the game for a trial period: If during your trial period your experience frequent winless spins without great wins the chance are that the game is a high variance slot game.
  • You can check the games pay table: If you notice that three and four symbol win combinations pay small wins but the game awards great wins for five symbols it suggests that it is a high variance slot game.
  • Pay lines are fixed: If the slot games paylines are fixed, all of them being active this suggests as well that the game is more likely to be a high variance slot games.

How To Play High Variance Slots:

As you can gather from the above the game will rarely pay out but when it does payout it will award bigger prizes. So this leads to two pointers on how to play on high variance slots.

  • Due to an expectation that you can encounter frequent rounds without winnings, once you hit a big win, it would be best to change and play on another game.
  • Make sure you have a large bankroll. Due to the possibility that you might experience frequent winless rounds, it would be wise to make sure you have a large bankroll.

Examples of High Variance Slot Games:

Finding high variance slots can be time consuming but we hope that the above indicators, will help you on your quest for high variance slots.

We have also made available some high variance slots for you which are highly favoured by players online.

Dead or Alive High Variance slot:

This infamous high variance slot game by Netent is highly favoured by players.

It is a western themed slot game, that after numerous winless rounds could handsomely award you with a large win. It might even become your new favourite slot game.

If you wish to read more information about Dead or Alive then you can click here.

high variance slot games

Gonzo’s Quest High Variance Slot:

Is another highly favoured high variance slot game that can be played across all devices.

An Eldorado themed slot game that can really pay out after countless winless rounds. It includes an Avalanche Feature and also a multiplier feature that multiplies your winnings. If wish to read more information about Gonzo’s Quest, then you can click here.

high variance slot game

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