How do progressive jackpot slots work

We would all wish to win the jackpot on slots some day. To be honest any jackpot. But how do progressive jackpot slots work and what is its difference from a regular slot game.

One thing that is sure about progressive jackpot slots relative to regular slots is that progressive jackpot slots have the highest payout. This is were it becomes awesome.

How do progressive jackpot slots work:

On the background whilst playing on progressive jackpot slots, any wager placed on the game contributes to the same pot which is linked between a group of casinos games or between casinos.

Whilst wagering on the progressive jackpot slots, your wager contributes to the prize pool assisting it to grow large larger. The lucky player who lands the winning combination is in for a treat.

Lets give an example in which case the jackpot slots pot is linked with other progressive jackpot slots games. Omnislots houses slot games from the game provider Leander which includes some of their progressive jackpot slots such as Trick or Treat, Scrooge’s Jackpot and others. Both as per the game information are expected to award a jackpot on the 24/12/2019. This you can confirm as well by heading on the games information from your end.

So when you play on either of the two above mentioned games, wagers contribute to a linked pot which will be released on the same date.

Some Big Progressive Jackpot Slot Wins:

When playing in an online casino with just a bit of luck, you can be adding more digits on your winning amount.

You can even find yourself joining the club of big winners who won 6 figure rewards.

The latest record for example won in Bitstarz casino was a gigantic amount of $2,4 million and coincidentally the same player won a juicy record win of €752,459. Both prizes were won on the game Azrabah Wishes. This was all with the help of a 15,000X multiplier.

Some Progressive Jackpot Slots that we Suggest you try:

There are 3 progressive jackpot slots that come to mind when playing in an online casino and these have brought the biggest online jackpot wins in the past.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot slot game by Microgaming released a humongous payout of $9.2 million. You can find this game on both on Omnislots casino and PlayOJO.

Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot game released a booming 11.7 million win  in 2011 to a lucky player and the game itself still continues to release jackpots to players who try their luck. In 2015, the game released yet another huge win of $9.5 million, showing that luck can change at any time. The game Mega Fortune can be played again on both Omnisots and PlayOJO.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Advise:  

There is no way really to know when a jackpot will land. Well on some games such as the ones that provided by Leander (ie. Scrooges Jackpot, Trick or Treat) the date when the jackpot will be released is given. But that is again a different type of a progressive jackpot.

If these are the kind of Jackpot Slots that you are interested in, then it seems that 24/12/2019 can provide you with an eventful day filled with celebration.

But in the case of the progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, our advise would be to let the game’s jackpot to become overdue. The more players wager on the game, the more the pot increases after all. In these games there is not a data for when the jackpot should drop but if some time has passed since the last jackpot, it might be that another jackpot could be due.  

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