How do Paylines on slots work

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how do paylines on slots work

When you first time start playing on slots you will notice the every winning that is formed a line crosses the symbols that brought you the win. That is a payline.

Paylines on slots can vary from 10, 25, 30 so on and so forth. But what lets visit the specifics of how the paylines on slots work.

Paylines on Slots:

When spinning on slots and you land three symbols of similar kind and more and the symbols specifically land were a payline moves through then you form a winning combination.

The paylines are set by default on the games and you can find all the details such as how many paylines the game has and how they move, in the games paytable. The games pay table can usually be found through the more information option or the question mark symbol.

The following is a screenshot of how the paylines would be presented to you through a slot games pay table information.

paytable paylines







In short, it gives you all the various winning combinations that you can form when landing 3 or more symbols of the same kind.

More paylines equal more combinations:

When a game has 25 lines for example compared to a slot game with 10 paylines you can conceptualize that there are more combinations that can be formed in a 25 line slot.

On the slot game with 10 paylines, you can form 10 winning combinations whilst on the 25 payline slot, you can form 25 winning combinations. But on slots its never this simple as some slots with 10 paylines can have special bonus rounds that can win you greatly from a single bet.

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