Super Spins Casino Offer

Have you ever come across Super Spins deal in online casinos. If not, this might be something interesting to look out for.

Usually when you claim free spins offers in online casinos, you get free spins in which the bet value per spin is around 0.10EUR, 0.20EUR etc. This can be sometimes annoying when you would want to have a chance to have greater returns per spin.

Lets face it, a 0.10EUR bet per spins if you are looking for great prizes will not really bring up the best returns. This is not to say that you could hit a 10EUR win with a bet amount of 0.10EUR and then increase the bet per spin value to increase your bankroll.

But it is kind of hard to land such wins and achieve this mostly.

The higher the bet value per spin the higher the potential return per spin. This is kind of logical.

Super Spins which are offered by some casinos can indeed provide for these sought wins.

Super Spins Free Spins:

When you decide that you wish to start your experience at AHTI Games casino, you can start it of by claiming a 100% up to 100 Super Spins. If you deposit 20EUR you get 20 super spins. If you deposit 50 you get 50 super spins and so on.

The bet value per spin on these Super Spins is 0.50EUR which is a lot more for your usual free spins bet value.

And as previously mentioned, this brings higher returns per spin since the higher the bet value, the higher the amount that you can win. Super spins can as consequence also extend your game play if you are looking to spin for a little longer.

Extend your game play with Super Spins:

With a higher bet value per spins which is offered by Super Spins, you can get a higher prize for your bet. This would mean that you could also continue paying for longer. The higher the winning returned the more you boost your bankroll and the more you can continue playing.

As you might have gathered till now, super spins can offer quite a good deal for your deposit and also for each spin you make.

Shall you wish to start your experience by playing super spins in a casino, you can do at Ahti Games casino.

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